Who Makes Better Nespresso Machines, Breville or DeLonghi?

DeLonghi vs Breville

One of the most confusing things when shopping for a Nespresso machine is the fact that so many of them are available under different brand names:

DeLonghi – Breville and in some European countries they go by Krups or Magimix.

So you’re left wondering, are you buying a Nespresso, a DeLonghi or a Breville machine? Is any of them better than the other? Which should you go for?

Let’s break down your questions one by one to help you understand.

Does Nespresso Make Its Own Machines? Or Does Breville and DeLonghi Make It for Them?

Nespresso is its own brand but it does not make its own machines. DeLonghi and Breville are both companies that manufacture many home appliances, including coffee and espresso machines. Since they are leading brands in that field, Nespresso picked them as their partners.

Think of it this way: Nespresso provides the technology, Breville, DeLonghi and other brands help them with manufacturing and distributing the machines.

Depending on the region, Nespresso partners with the most respectable and well known brands in the field of coffee. In the US, Breville and DeLonghi are Nespresso’s partners. They still sell machines under their own name on their official website or their Boutiques. In other retail stores, online or offline, you’ll most likely see a Breville or DeLonghi Nespresso machine.

Is Nespresso Owned By Breville or DeLonghi?

No, Nespresso is owned by Nestle, who are makers of many famous coffee brands like Dolce Gusto or the famous instant coffee, Nescafe. Nestle is experienced in the field of producing coffee products, but isn’t famous for appliances. That’s why they need the help of their partners who are more experienced in the manufacturing field.

I hope that got some of the confusion out of the way! But you still have more questions. I know. Let’s get to the most important part. Which of these is better?

DeLonghi vs. Breville – Which Makes Better Nespresso Machines?

There is no easy answer when it comes to this. DeLonghi has been in the business for a long time and they have a good reputation for making quality products. Breville is an established company, too. Coming from Australia, they’ve managed to make quite a name for themselves in recent years, especially in the US.

In terms of Nespresso machines, both companies make excellent products. It really comes down to personal preference in the end. What preferences?

Design and colors – that’s the only real difference!

Each brand has chosen a disincentive design and a variety of colors to set them apart. But when it comes to function, you are getting the same machine, 100%! Coffee quality is also the same. They use the exact same pods.

Machine Warranty and Customer Service

This is one of the things I always like to research before buying any appliance. If you’re buying a Breville branded machine, for example, who’s going to cover your warranty and customer service?

You should be covered by either Breville or Nespresso. Customer support can be offered by Breville or Nespresso. Replacements and repairs will be done by the manufacturer.

Differentiating Between Nespresso Machines

Now that you understand why Nespresso is available under different brand names, and that they are all practically the same. There’s another thing you need to know…

  • There are several Nespresso machines that are available from both Breville and DeLonghi, those are machines that are being manufactured for Nespresso by their partner brands.
  • And then there are other machines that are by DeLonghi or Breville, but use Nespresso’s brewing technology.

Still confused? Keep reading…

Nespresso Machines Manufactured by Both Breville and DeLonghi

This includes Nespresso OriginalLine machines like Pixie, CitiZ, Essenza Mini or Essenza Plus. Or Vertuo machines like VertuoPlus, VertuoPlus Deluxe, Next, Evoluo.

These machines have the same features in common. They all function the same way. But there are slight differences that you can spot in the design made by each brand.

For example:

Nespresso Vertuo Breville vs DeLonghi
  • DeLonghi’s VertuoPlus machines have flat tops, while Breville uses a more rounded top.
  • DeLonghi’s Deluxe version of VertuoNEXT has Rose Gold accents, while Breville’s has dark chrome and stainless steel accents.

If we look at the design of Essenza Mini and Essenza Plus from both brands:

Nespresso Essenza Mini Breville vs DeLonghi
  • Breville uses a sleek rectangular shape and only offers the machine in basic colors like black, white or gray.
  • DeLonghi uses an almost triangular shape, and has an option for bright colors like red or neon green.

Overall, these are only aesthetic differences. Picking between them only means picking which machine would look best in your space! Also look for price differences if you want to save up on some money and don’t care much about design.

Lattissima Nespresso Machines by DeLonghi

Nespresso Lattissima by DeLonghi

These are Nespresso machines that come with a built-in milk frother. The most popular models are:

The machines are part of DeLonghi’s line of products. What makes them special is that they have DeLonghi’s patented one touch frothing system built into them. They also have presets for several coffee recipes: Espresso, lungo, latte, cappuccino, macchiato… the amount of recipes programmed will depend on the model.

Pod Compatibility: Lattissima machines are considered OriginalLine machines, so they’re compatible with OriginalLine pods, which you can buy from Nespresso or from third-party brands.

Lattissima machines are perfect for anyone who wants an automatic espresso and cappuccio maker that prepares everything with a push of a button. These built-in frothers froth directly into your cup and dispense just the right amount of milk for your chosen recipe, so it’s not the same as using an Aeroccino, they’re even easier.

Creatista Nespresso Machines by Breville

Nespresso Creatitsa by Breville

If you know anything about Breville, you know that they are makers of really great espresso machines like the Barista Express, Bambino Plus and other larger manual or semi-automatic espresso machines.

What happens if they combined their expertise in espresso machine, and made them even easier to use with the help of Nespresso capsule system? You get a Creatista!

Available as models, Creatista, Creatista Plus, Creatista Pro and UNO, what sets these machines apart is the built-in steam wand milk frother that can create milk foam with different texture and temperature. Yes! these Nespresso machines have professional steam wands with adjustable temperature settings and milk textures!

You also get a wider range of drinks: espresso, lungo, latte, cappuccino, flat white, macchiato… again, the number of recipes will depend on the model.

Steam wand function is automated in most of Creatista’s models, but the number of milk texture settings and temperature selection will depend on the model.

Pod Compatibility: Creatista machines use Nespresso OriginalLine pods.

You should get a Creatista if you’ve ever wanted professional like results but don’t want the learning curve that comes with it or the price tag of a professional espresso machine.

Which of These Nespresso Machines Is Right For You?

It depends on what your needs are. If you want a machine that is easy to use and only need basic coffee recipes, any of the models from DeLonghi or Breville will do.

If you’re looking for something with a bit more options like different milk textures and programming for different recipes, Lattissima models from DeLonghi or Creatista models from Breville will be a better option for you. If you’re not a fan of built-in frothers, you can always go for any OriginalLine or Vertuo machine bundled with an Aeroccino frother.

Do note that Lattissima and Creatista models come with a higher price tag, but in my opinion, they’re worth it because of the added convenience and features.

Regardless of which model or brand you go for, your coffee will taste the same, if you choose to buy your pods from Nespresso.

To help you even further, here are the questions you need to be asking yourself:

  • Do you want an originalLine machine (espresso drinks only) or Vertuo (Espresso + Coffee)?
  • If you picked an OriginalLine, would you prefer a built-in frother or a standalone frother?
  • If you want an built-in frother, would you prefer an automatic frothing system like DeLonghi’s or a more advanced steam wand like Breville’s?

Answering these questions should give you an idea of which machine would serve you best.