Keurig K-Supreme Plus and Plus SMART Exact Temperature Settings

If you’re particular about the brewing temperature of your coffee, you’ll love K-Supreme Plus and K-Supreme Plus Smart’s temperature selection settings. (More on these machines here)

But, one of these actually performs A LOT better than the other when it comes to delivering variety of temperatures, and that would be the K-Supreme Plus SMART, which is what I’ll start with in this guide.

The 6 Temperature Settings on the K-Supreme Plus Smart in Fahrenheit

K Supreme Plus Smart temperature settings

When looking at the features of the K-Supreme Plus Smart, you’ll see it has 6 temperature settings: Warm, Warmer, Hot, Hotter, X-Hot and Max Hot.

Here’s what you should expect from each of these temperature selections

Please note: brewing temperature is the temperature of the coffee as it brews. Temperature in cup is what you’ll actually end up with in your cup.

TemperatureBrewing TemperatureTemperature in Cup
Max Hot202F183F
Over Ice160F

As you can see, there’s a difference between the brewing temperature and the temperature of the coffee when it has finished brewing. So having that many temperature settings is great to guarantee a temperature you’ll actually enjoy.

As for the Over Ice setting: it brews at 160F and it’s restricted to the 6oz cup size only.

The 3 Temperature Settings on Keurig K-Supreme Plus

K Supreme Plus temperature settings

On K-Supreme Plus’s display, you’ll simply see a three bar setting for temperature, no names attached to them like the SMART model. And things work slightly differently on this model:

The temperature settings are determined by cup sizes, and it starts at 160F on the smallest cup size and goes to 172F on the largest cup size. The water temperature in the internal tank will be at 192F, but what you get in cup will not go over 172F on the highest setting.


When it comes to brewing and ‘in cup’ temperature, the K-Supreme Plus Smart wins by far. If you still haven’t purchase your machine, and temperature settings are a high priority for you, then definitely go with the Smart version over the non-smart K-Supreme Plus.