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Where Are Braun Coffee Makers Made?

Braun is a German brand that needs no introduction. Leader of appliances of all kinds, and coffee makers, too. If you know anything about coffee maker history, you know that Braun made one of the most Iconic coffee makers ever made, which was known as the Aromaster. It goes back to 1972, and back then, … Read more

What Happened to K-Mug Pods?

A few years back, before Keurig made brewers that were able to brew up to 12 oz or a carafe, they had Keurig 2.0 brewers, which were entirely different that current brewers and their pods. Keurig 2.0, which are now discontinued, used three different sizes of pods. K-Cup, K-Mug and K-Carafe. If you landed on … Read more

Is Filtered and Drip Coffee the Same Thing?

You often hear the terms ‘drip’ or ‘filtered’ coffee when referring to black coffee. This definitely leads you to question if those are two different types of coffee or are they the same thing? Drip Coffee Vs Filtered Coffee The two terms, drip and filtered, are usually used to refer to the same thing: Coffee … Read more

Who Makes Better Nespresso Machines, Breville or DeLonghi?

One of the most confusing things when shopping for a Nespresso machine is the fact that so many of them are available under different brand names: DeLonghi – Breville and in some European countries they go by Krups or Magimix. So you’re left wondering, are you buying a Nespresso, a DeLonghi or a Breville machine? … Read more