Only This Kind of Keurig Pod Is Considered Filtered Coffee…

There is some debate about whether keurig coffee is filtered or unfiltered. Some people believe that keurig coffee is typically filtered, due to the fact that most k-cups use ground coffee and the pods are lined with filters in the inside . However, others argue that their coffee can also be unfiltered, since not all pods use those filters, or the same quality of filters, at least.

K-Cup coffee is considered filtered coffee…

But how ‘filtered’ it is will depend on the type of pods you are using…

If You’re Using K-Cup Pods

One reason that keurig coffee is often considered filtered is because the ground coffee inside K-Cup pods is filled inside a paper filter. This filter helps to prevent sediment from getting into your cup, and traps as much of the oils as possible, which without, can make your coffee taste bitter or gritty.

So if you want your Keurig coffee to be considered filtered, using these pods is the safest option.

If You’re Using Reusable K-Cup Filter Pods

If you prefer to use your own coffee grounds, there are also a number of reusable K-Cup filter pods that you can use. These allow you to fill your own ground coffee into the pod and use it as many times as you want.

These pods work the same as a gold-tone metal filter in a drip coffee maker. They have a fine mesh filter that will hold the grounds, but it does not filter out sediments the same way as a regular k-cup pod.

K Cup paper filters

But if you want better filtration when using reusable pods, you can purchase paper filters especially made for these type of pods and they’ll help you filter your coffee even better.

If You’re Using Compostable K-Cup Pods

compostable k cup pods

While these are great for your environment, they’re not the best when it comes to filtering coffee. These type of pods do not filter out coffee the same way a paper filter does, and will most likely brew an oilier cup of coffee. I wouldn’t recommend these pods to anyone watching for their cholesterol levels. As you can see, the paper filter holding the coffee grounds is so thin it’s almost see-through. I am NOT saying this brand is not good, or that their coffee is not. I am only using their compostable pods as an example here.

Do K-Cups Filter Out Cafestol and Kahweol?

One thing to keep in mind is that keurig pods can also filter out cafestol and kahweol, chemicals found in coffee. These two compounds can actually be beneficial to a healthy person like lowering inflammation, having anti-cancer and anti-diabetic properties. (source). But if you already have some health concerns, you’ll want to watch out for these compounds.

So if you are concerned about these chemicals, regular keurig k-cup pods can be your best option because they will help remove them from your coffee before you drink it. If you want to use a reusable pod, make sure to use a paper filter with it.

The Wrap Up…

Overall, all keurig pods are filtered. But how filtered it is will depend on which type of k-cup pod you are using. If you want a truly filtered cup of coffee from your keurig machine, be sure to use pods that have filters built in, those would be any k-cup pods from majority of brands EXCEPT for compostable type of pods. If you prefer to use your own grounds with a reusable k-cup pod, I would highly advise that you purchase the pods that can hold a paper filter inside them to double-filter your coffee.