How To Fix Keurig K Duo Descale Light Not Turning Off

K duo descale

Have you tried descaling your Keurig K-Duo but the Descale light won’t turn off?

Having the descale light remain flashing on means that you have not successfully finished the descaling process, which stops the machine from performing or brewing as usual.

In this post, I will explain what you might be doing wrong that could be stopping the descaling process from finishing completely.

What You Could Be Doing Wrong

K-Duo's Descale Process has to be exited manually by pressing and holding down the 8 and 10  buttons together for 5 seconds. This has to be done AFTER you have completely finished all the descaling steps. Not doing this will keep the descale light on. 

The descaling process is made of two parts: the descale solution rinse, and the fresh water rinse:

  • After the solution rinse, the K-Duo MUST rest for at least 30 minutes before moving to the next step.
  • The Fresh water rinse is done through the carafe part, and it must be completed 4 times. After, it has to be done through the single-serve part, and it has to be completed 4 times, too.

How To Descale a Keurig K-Duo

The Descaling process of the K-Duo is different than K-Supreme or K-Slim. As a dual coffee maker, you are cleaning out two parts instead of one. Let’s walk through the process…

Before you start, make sure your machine is OFF but is plugged in to an outlet.

Start with an empty reservoir, fill it in with Keurig’s descaling solution. Pour in the entire bottle, then fill the same bottle with water and add it to the reservoir. This will give you a 1:1 ratio of solution to water.

Make sure there is no pod or coffee grounds inside the brewer.

Descale Solution Rinse for the Single-Serve Side

Keurig K duo descale pod side
  • Place a mug or a container under the spout of the single-serve side.
  • Press the power on button, the pod button then the 12 oz button. Press the K button to ‘brew’. The solution will start draining to the mug. Get rid of the content and move on to the CARAFE side…

Descale Solution Rinse for the Carafe Side

Again, make sure there’s no coffee grounds in place…

  • Now, you’ll want to press the Carafe button, 12-cup button and the K button to start a ‘brew’. When the carafe fills up with descaling solution… get rid of the water content and move on to the next step…

It’s time to turn the heating plate off and let the machine sit for at least 30 minutes before doing the fresh water rinse. To turn the heating plate off, press and hold the Carafe button. You’ll see that the light has went off on the carafe button, that’s how you know the hot plate is off.

Fresh Water Rinse for the Single-Serve Side

Now, you will basically repeat the steps above, but this time with fresh water with no added solution. Starting with the single-serve side:

  • Add fresh water to the MAX line. Place a mug under the spout of the pod side.
  • Press the Power button, select pod then 12 oz button.
  • Press K to start a BREW.
  • Repeat this process for a total of FOUR times.

Fresh Water Rinse for the Carafe Side

Descale K Duo Carafe side
  • Fill the reservoir again with fresh water to the MAX line.
  • Have the carafe ready and place on the heating plate.
  • Select Carafe then 12-cups.
  • Press the K button to start a Brew.
  • Repeat this process FOUR times.

How To Complete and Exit the Descaling Process

This is the vital step that makes the descale light TURN OFF. Missing this step is what’s causing the light to remain on… I don’t blame you because for some reason, this step is not in the manual!

To Exit the descaling process, you have to press down the 8oz and 10 oz button together for 5 seconds until the Descale light turns off.

By doing that, you’ve successfully completed descaling your Keurig K-Duo!