These Yeti Tumbler Sizes Fit Keurig Brewers

Yeti’s tumblers are a popular brand for travel mugs. They’re long lasting, hold temperature for hours and are all around worth every dime. Combine that with Keurig, one of the most popular single serve brewers. You’ve got yourself a winning combination of coffee on the go.

If you want to make sure you buy a Yeti tumbler that will fit under a Keurig, here’s a guide to help you out.

Which Yeti Sizes Fit Under Keurig Brewers?

yeti tumbler for keurig

Of course, it all goes down to which brewer we are talking about here. So let’s have a look at Keurig’s most popular brewers and which sizes they can fit:

Keurig BrewerClearance Height (without drip tray)16 oz Yeti (6 1/2”)20 oz Yeti (6 7/8”)26 oz Yeti (8”)30 oz Yeti (7 7/8”)
K-Supreme/K-Supreme Plus7.2”YESYESNONO
K-Mini/ K-Mini Plus7” YESYESNONO

Travel Mug Sizes That Fit Keurig Brewers

The table above concludes that majority of Keurig brewers have enough clearance to fit a travel mug that’s about 7″ tall or less. In terms of Yeti, it will fit a 20 oz size or smaller. When fitting a travel mug, always remove the drip tray to get the best fit.

Is There a Keurig That Fits 26 oz or 30 oz Travel Mugs?

Unfortunately, there isn’t a Keurig brewer that will fit those sizes of travel mugs. A travel mug of that size will require tall clearance that will contribute to making the brewer size quite large, so not many manufactures would want that. Instead, you’ll have to brew your coffee into a mug and transfer it to your large travel mug.

How Tall of a Cup Can Fit Under a Keurig?

Depending on your chosen model, you can fit a cup or mug of almost 5 to 6 inches with the machine’s drip tray attached. If you are going for the older variants or the mini models, you may have to use cups smaller than 5 inches.

What are the Cup Sizes On a Keurig?

Now that we have discussed what size of cups fit under a Keurig, let’s talk about how much coffee you need to fill them up. The standard Keurig can brew 6, 8 or 10 ounces of single-brew coffee. 12 ounces is the largest K-cup size. So in order to fill a travel mug, you’ll have to brew multiple pods.

How Many Pods Do You Need to Fill a 20 oz Travel Mug?

For the best results, you’ll need two pods, and you’ll use the 10 oz serving size for each pod. I would really recommend NOT to brew the same pod twice so you don’t get watered down coffee.