Bodum Pour Over vs. French Press, Which One to Choose?

Bodum has always been famous of their french press pots. But they’re also increasingly becoming popular for their great pour-over pot. In this post, we will be highlighting the difference between these two to help you choose the right product for you.

Bodum French Press, How Does It Work?

Bodum BRAZIL French Press

Whether it’s Bodum or another French Press brand, the method of french press works the same (although the quality of Bodum pots is hard to beat!). French press, which is also known as press pot or plunger coffee, is very simple method of brewing coffee, which is probably why it’s a favorite among many coffee lovers.

The French Press is made of a simple pot with a lid that has a filter attached to it. When you fill your pot with your favorite coffee ground, add hot water and leave it to steep for a few minutes. When your steeping time is over, all you have to do is press down your filter, which holds the coffee ground at the bottom of the pot and lifts all the coffee brew up.

Because when using French Press the coffee ground remains in the pot, usually the taste of the coffee is bolder than that made using Pour-over. If you prefer a bold, full bodied cup of coffee, you’ll enjoy the results of French Press.

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Bodum Pour Over, How Does It Work?

Bodum Pour Over with Permanent Filter

Compared to the French Press, the Pour-Over pot is a relatively new addition to the Bodum family. Preparing coffee following the Pour-Over method is an increasingly popular trend among coffee lovers. Although it requires more time and a more precise procedure, many people still find it very enjoyable (myself included!).

The basis of pour-over is brewing coffee on a cone which lets the coffee drips slowly. There are different types of pour-over cones, there are the small cones that can be placed directly on your mug like the famous Hario V60, or you can use a decanter where the cone is placed on top of it and your coffee drips into the serving decanter, like Chemex or the Bodum Pour-over pot.

With the Bodum Pour-over, you get a glass decanter with a reusable cone filter. You will add the coffee ground to the filter then you’ll have to slowly pour your water over a course of a minute or two, you’ll notice that the coffee will start to slowly pour down into the decanter. Here’s how it works:

Pour over coffee results in a lighter and cleaner cup of coffee. As the coffee ground remains in the top filter, you’ll notice that the coffee brewed is oil-free and less bitter or acid in taste.

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Which One Should You Go For?

Bodum BEAN French Press

Eventually, it all comes down to how you prefer your coffee to taste:

  • If you want a strong cup of coffee, more on the bitter side, and with all oily flavors of the coffee ground in-tact, then French Press is the way to go.
  • For a low acid, clean and crisp cup of coffee, Pour-over is definitely the way to go.