Hario V60 Coffee Dripper vs. Clever Coffee Dripper and The Difference Between Pour-Over and Immersion Coffee

Pour-Over coffee is a popular manual coffee preparation method preferred by many coffee snobs around the world. It also happens to be the least expensive way to prepare a fresh and delicious cup of coffee, but it can be time consuming. Yet, many people enjoy the coffee preparation ritual, myself included!

How Pour-Over Works:

It’s a really simple dripping method using a cone-like dripper placed on top of your carafe or cup. Using a special gooseneck kettle, the user slowly pours water over the ground coffee in the dripper, manually controlling the speed and time of which the coffee takes to drip. This method allows for slow extraction of the coffee beans, giving you the most flavorful cup of coffee. Of course, you’ll have to use high quality coffee beans, freshly ground, for the best results.

See how it works in this video:

The Hario V60 Dripper, The Clever Dripper and How They’re Different:

One of the most popular tools for pour-over coffee is the Hario V60 coffee dripper, a Japanese made dripper available in different sizes. Pour-Over drippers are available from different brands but the Hario remains the most popular. Another popular coffee dripper is called the Clever, which is also a pour-over dripper but with a twist. Here’s the difference between them:

Hario V60 Dripper:

Hario V60 Ceramic DripperHario VDC-02W V60 Ceramic Coffee Dripper

  • Ceramic Japanese pour-over dripper. Also available in Plastic.
  • Ceramic helps preserve the brew’s temperature and is better to use than plastic.
  • Brews 1 to 3 cups at a time.
  • Uses size 02 paper or cloth filters.
  • Need a stand for your Hario Pour-Over? Here are some ideas.

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The Clever Dripper:

Clever Coffee DripperClever_In Use

  • Works like pour-over: pour the water over the coffee beans in the filter.
  • Unlike the Hario, the water can be poured all at once.
  • Shut-off valve keeps the coffee to steep inside the dripper without dripping.
  • After your preferred time for steeping has passed, simply place the dripper over a cup of carafe and the coffee will start to pour down.
  • Made of BPA-free plastic.
  • Includes a coaster and a lid.

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Pour-Over vs. Immersion Coffee Preparation Method, What Is The Difference?

By reading the description for the Hario (pour-over) and Clever (immersion) drippers, you should have a slight idea of the difference between them:

  • With Pour-over coffee, you’re slowly pouring water over coffee to control how the coffee extracts, steeps and drips. The coffee starts dripping almost immediately after you start pour in the water.
  • With Immersion coffee, the dripper has a shut-off valve that allows you to pour in all the water at once without having the coffee drip right away. What happens is the coffee grounds starts to immerse in water and continues to steep for as long as you like – kind of like French Press, but instead of pressing down the beans, your coffee will drip and the beans will be filtered, leaving you with a cleaner and more crisp cup of coffee.

Which Should I Buy? The Hario or Clever Dripper?

Both drippers produce a delicious cup of coffee. However, the Hario requires a bit more work on your part. So if you’re up for the slow pour-over of water with a timer in your hand, you’ll have a lot of fun with it. The Clever Dripper, on the other hand, is easier and quicker to use thanks to the fact that you pour in the water all at once. Also, any kettle can be used for the Clever, and even though which kettle you use for the Hario is up to you, a gooseneck kettle is the recommended type simply because of how it distributes the water (in a slower and more direct way).