Does French Press Make Strong Coffee?

French press coffee is a popular brewing method for those who want to enjoy a strong, flavorful cup of coffee. The French press uses hot water and coarsely ground beans to make an incredibly robust brew that’s full of flavor. Unlike other methods, the French press doesn’t require paper filters or complex tools; all you … Read more

No Plastic Coffee Maker – Here are your options…

Many people search for a stainless steel coffee maker that doesn’t include any plastic parts, worrying about hot water coming in contact with those plastic parts might lead to an undesirable taste or health issues. Or you might be concerned with the environmental impact of using plastic. When searching for the term stainless steel coffee … Read more

Best French Press Travel Mug

If you’re a fan of French Press coffee, you probably brew a pot of press on a hurry, pour the coffee into a travel mug and go on with your day. There’s actually a better way to do it if you want a great cup of French Press on the go, and that is by … Read more