Mr Coffee Brewers: What You Need to Know

Mr Coffee is one of the most popular brands for drip coffee makers. While it now makes other coffee machines like espresso machine or single serve brewers, it’s still mostly famous for drip coffee machines. So in this post, I will be answering a collection of most common questions about Mr Coffee’s drip coffee makers. … Read more

No Plastic Coffee Maker – Here are your options…

Many people search for a stainless steel coffee maker that doesn’t include any plastic parts, worrying about hot water coming in contact with those plastic parts might lead to an undesirable taste or health issues. Or you might be concerned with the environmental impact of using plastic. When searching for the term stainless steel coffee … Read more

Which Coffee Makers Are Best For Travel Mugs?

Want your coffee ready in your travel mug and ready to go by the time you’re off to work? Lucky for you, there are coffee makers just for that! There are single-serve coffee makers that were built with the traveler in mind, so that they accommodate mugs as well travel mugs and do a single-serve … Read more

Moccamaster KBGV Select vs KBG – How Are They Different

If you’re a drip coffee enthusiast, then you’re probably familiar with Moccamaster and their fine coffee makers. In case you’re not familiar with Technivorm’s Moccamaster, here’s a quick introduction: Technivorm is a brand that comes from the Netherlands and they’re known for their automatic drip coffee makers, Moccamaster machines which are available in a few … Read more