Moccamaster KBGV Select vs KBG – How Are They Different

If you’re a drip coffee enthusiast, then you’re probably familiar with Moccamaster and their fine coffee makers.

In case you’re not familiar with Technivorm’s Moccamaster, here’s a quick introduction:

Technivorm is a brand that comes from the Netherlands and they’re known for their automatic drip coffee makers, Moccamaster machines which are available in a few models.

What makes these machines special is their spectacular quality. To this day, Moccamaster machines are hand made in their factory in the Netherlands and each machine is checked for quality and performance before it ships out. This quality standard does reflect on their higher price tag, but it also gives you a better product that will last you longer.

You can read all about Moccamaster and compare their models in this post.

Moccamaster KBGV Select – Features

Moccamaster 53949 KBGV Select Coffee Maker, Stone Grey, 40 ounce, 10-Cup, 1.25L
The new Moccamaster KBGV Select makes it easy to brew either a half or full carafe – the selector switch allows you to choose the amount you prefer.
  • Automatic pour-over coffee maker that brews coffee to SCA (Specialty Coffee Association)
  • Simple operation, simply switch the on button for the coffee to start brewing.
  • Copper boiling element heats water to optimal brewing temperature of 195 to 205F and shuts off automatically when the reservoir is empty.
  • Brews a 40 oz in 4 to 6 minutes
  • Brew volume selector allows you to choose between a full carafe or half a carafe
  • Selector button also adjusts the temperature of the hotplate. It will work with half temperature when half carafe is selected.
  • Automatic drip-stop.
  • Hotplate automatically shuts off after 100 minutes.
  • Available in multiple colors.

Also available to buy from Moccamaster US

What Is The Difference Between Moccamaster Select vs KBG or KG?

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The only difference in the Moccamaster Select is the selector button that allows you to choose between a full carafe or a half carafe. All other Moccamaster machines will only brew a full carafe.

With other Moccamaster machines, you can practically make less than a full pot. You can fill the reservoir with as little as 2 cups and up to 10. So, why do you need a selector to make half a pot?

The selector on the Moccamaster Select does more than just brew half a pot. It also makes the machine extend the brew time, so it takes as long to make half a pot as it would a full pot, giving you the exact same brew quality.

Should You Buy the Moccamaster Select or Choose Another Model

As said before, there are several models of the Moccamaster. The differences between them isn’t huge, it’s a matter of some aesthetic differences, thermal or glass carafe or capacity.

If you plan on brewing full carafes every day, then you are good with either model. Take your pick from a thermal or glass carafe. You can still brew less than a full pot using any of Moccamaster models, however, the brew time will be faster for less amounts of coffee, which might not give you the best results.

If you want to brew half a carafe, which amounts to 20 oz (nearly a travel mug or a larger mug size), you’ll be better off with the Moccamaster Select which ensures better brew time for half carafe volume.

If you prefer to brew a single cup at a time, then you can check out the Moccamaster Cup One, which is a single-cup brewer that brews 10 oz at a time.

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