Is Your Coffee Maker Overflowing The Grounds Basket? 5 Reasons Why and How To Fix Them

Grounds overflowing inside the filter basket of a coffee maker is a common issue that happens all the time. This problem isn’t specific to one brand, it happens to the best of machines:

Cuisinart – Bunn – Ninja – Mr Coffee …. You name it!

The good news is, this isn’t caused by the machine being broken or anything like that. It’s a thing that can be easily fixed by changing a few things.

Overflowing grounds basket
Image Source: Reddit

Why It’s Happening To You

Overflowing coffee ground basket generally means that the water isn’t going through the filter basket quick enough, which causes it to go up and out of the basket.

How To Fix Coffee Grounds Overflow Issues

Here are some possible reasons causing the overflowing issues and how you can fix them

1. Change Your Coffee Grind Size

Drip Coffee Grind Size

You are most likely using really fine ground. Drip coffee requires medium ground coffee, or medium coarse. Using fine ground coffee will not the water go through at the required speed, leading to overflowing and a bitter cup of coffee.

To fix this issue, you need to change your grind size by using medium ground coffee. This will ensure that the water can go through quickly and smoothly, without causing any overflow issues.

Alternatively, if you are using pre-ground coffee or not grinding it yourself, you may want to consider investing in a coffee grinder. This will ensure that you are always using the right grind size and therefore, never have to deal with overflowing coffee grounds again!

2. Measure Your Coffee Grounds So You Don’t Overfill the Basket

Another possible reason for your coffee grounds overflow issues is that you might be overfilling your filter basket with coffee.

When filling the filter basket, it’s important to only fill it about halfway full. If you go beyond that, not enough water will be able to flow through fast enough and the machine will start to overflow.

Coffee Grounds Scale

One way to avoid overfilling your filter basket is to use a scale or measuring cup to measure out the right amount of coffee for each brew. This will help you ensure that you are not overdoing it and causing overflowing issues. Reading your machine’s manual can guide you to the correct measurements for each brew size.

3. Don’t Use a Gold-Tone Filter

Gold tone filters are made of fine mesh, which are tiny holes that can get clogged easily. This can cause the water to not go through quickly, leading to grounds overflowing.

To fix this issue, you may want to consider using a different filter that is less prone to clogging, such as paper filters. If you to keep using the gold tone filter, you’ll want to experiment with grind size. Although it should use the same size of medium to medium coarse ground, but it will also depend on your filter.

Another thing to do is make sure that the filter is clean and no holes are clogged. You can do this by running water through the filter or even rinsing it with vinegar if there’s too much build-up. Using a cleaning brush helps, too.

4. Make Sure Your Paper Filter Is Set Properly

Sometimes, a paper filter does not stay in place, especially if you are using the wrong size for your machine. It could flip and close itself, and you wouldn’t notice it. When that happens, the water will run on top of a closed paper filter, not allowing it to go through the coffee fast enough.

To solve this issue, rinse the filter basket then place the paper filter. This will wet the paper filter and make it stick in place and not move during the brewing process.

5. Did You Change Your Machine’s Carafe? 

Using a carafe that is not intended to be used with your machine could mean you are using the wrong size. Using a shorter carafe, for example, means the lid won’t push the valve on the filter basket to allow coffee to fill the carafe, which in turn, leads to the basket to overflow.

To fix this issue, you need to make sure that the carafe you are using is the right one for your machine. If it isn’t, you’ll have to get a new one. When yo decide on buying a new one, don’t buy a generic carafe, but a replacement from your coffee maker’s brand that is fitted for your machine’s model.

If none of these fixes work and grounds continue to overflow, then there may be an issue with your machine that needs professional