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What Is Breville Precision Brewer?

It’s not the first time we talk about Breville. In fact, it is one of our favorite brands for coffee makers and kitchen appliances. We’ve covered many of their espresso and coffee makers, but today, we’re going to talk about their Precision Brewer.

Breville Precision Brewer prides itself as the world’s first 60 oz coffee maker that is able to make a cup of coffee with total precision, in a fully automatic way. That means, it can prepare coffee in a way that meets SCA’s standards (Specialty Coffee Association) of water temperature and brew time. The Precision Brewer, while fully automatic, it also allows you to customize your coffee the way you like it.

Let’s look at the features in details.

Features of Breville Precision Brewer:

  • 6 pre-set brewing modes:
    • Gold Cup: Brews coffee to SCA’s gold standards automatically.
    • My Brew: Choose your own settings for bloom time, water temperature and flow rate.
    • Pour Over: Use this setting to use the machine with your favorite pour over dripper like Hario’s V60 or Kalita Wave. Use the machine to customize the water temperature, flow rate and bloom time, use the adapter to hold your dripper and let the machine do the rest.
    • Over Ice: Makes a more concentrated brew that you can use over ice.
    • Cold Brew: Set and forget setting for preparing delicious cold brew over night.
    • Strong: Create a bold tasting coffee using higher temperature and more contact time.
    • Fast: this setting is used to make a full carafe of 12 cups in under 7 minutes.
  • Three filter attachments:
    • Brew basket for a flat bottom filter for brewing 8 to 12 cups – Included
    • Cone filter basket for brewing 2 to 8 cups – Included
    • Pour Over adapter for pour over drippers like Hario V60 or Kalita Wave – Sold separately.
  • Includes a brushed stainless steel vacuum carafe for 12 cups.
  • LCD display with rotary switch for easy programmability.
  • Stainless steel housing.

Click here to learn more about Breville Precision Brewer, read the customer reviews and buy it.

Breville Precision Brewer with Glass Carafe:

Not a fan of thermal carafes? You can now get your Breville Precision Brewer with a glass carafe instead. And of course, it is equipped with a hot plate to keep the coffee hot. Click here to learn more about it.

What Sets The Precision Brewer Apart From Other Brewers:

  • Customizable or Standard Brewing: using the Precision Brewer, you have a choice of customizing your cup to your liking or using the golden standard for specialty coffee.
  • Flow Rate Selection: One of the special features of the Precision Brewer is the flow rate option. While some other coffee makers can allow you to customize the temperature or brew time, the Breville Precision Brewer gives you the option to also select flow rate speed.
  • Special Design of the Carafe: The coffee pour into the carafe through the lid without the need to remove it. This means no heat loss during brewing. Most speciality coffee makers from other brands require that you remove the lid as the coffee brews, which leads to some loss of heat.
  • Easy To Use Control Panel: The LCD display makes option selection and customization very easy and quick.

What You Get From Your Breville Precision Brewer:

The Precision Brewer from Breville gives you a lot of versatility without losing quality. Using it, you can make drip coffee with customized settings, a Gold cup, cold brew, iced coffee or pour over. And you can trust your Precision Brewer to make your coffee with true precision, either in water temperature, bloom time or flow rate.

Breville Precision Brewer Comparisons:

Breville Precision Brewer vs. Breville Grind Control Coffee Maker:

Breville BDC650BSS Grind Control Coffee Maker, Brushed Stainless Steel
Breville BDC400 Precision Brewer Coffee Maker with Glass Carafe
Breville BDC650BSS Grind Control Coffee Maker, Brushed Stainless Steel
Breville BDC400 Precision Brewer Coffee Maker with Glass Carafe
Built-in Grinder
Specialty Coffee Options (Pour Over, Cold Brew, Over Ice)
Water Temperature Settings
12 Cups
12 Cups
Gold Cup Standard
Breville BDC650BSS Grind Control Coffee Maker, Brushed Stainless Steel
Breville BDC650BSS Grind Control Coffee Maker, Brushed Stainless Steel
Built-in Grinder
Specialty Coffee Options (Pour Over, Cold Brew, Over Ice)
Water Temperature Settings
12 Cups
Gold Cup Standard
More Info
Breville BDC400 Precision Brewer Coffee Maker with Glass Carafe
Breville BDC400 Precision Brewer Coffee Maker with Glass Carafe
Built-in Grinder
Specialty Coffee Options (Pour Over, Cold Brew, Over Ice)
Water Temperature Settings
12 Cups
Gold Cup Standard
More Info

Breville’s Grind Control coffee maker is another great option by Breville. But it’s certainly not the same as the Precision Brewer:

  • It has a built-in coffee grinder. The coffee maker will grind the required amount of coffee for your selected volume of coffee.
  • You can brew a single cup, or other variety of volumes up to 12 cups of coffee.
  • Customizations include grind size, strength control, grind time, brew time.
  • Unlike the Precision Brewer, there’s no water temperature settings or flow rate settings.
  • The Breville Grind Control only makes drip coffee. There’s no option for over ice coffee, cold brew or pour over.
  • The Grind Control coffee maker is a great option for someone looking for a quality coffee maker with built-in conical burr grinder that can make both a full carafe as well as a single cup.

Click here to learn more about Breville Grind Control Coffee Maker.

Breville Precision Brewer vs. Technivorm Moccamaster:

Technivorm Moccamaster is considered to be an automatic pour-over coffee maker that is certified by SCA. The quality of the machine is superior, and to this day, it is still hand made in the Netherlands. There are many models of the Moccamaster and you can read our comparisons of it here.

In general though, the Moccamaster automatically makes coffee (up to 10 cups) that meets the Specialty Coffee Association standard. However, there’s no special customization you can apply to your brew. In fact, the only button the Moccamaster has is the switch on/off button.

Features of the Moccamaster include:

  • Brew temperature of 175F to 185F. Cannot be changed.
  • Brews up to 40 oz carafe in 6 minutes.
  • 9-hole water outlet ensures full coffee ground saturation.
  • Available with a glass carafe or thermal.
  • Available in many colors (depending on model).

Breville Precision Brewer vs. Bonavita:

  • The Bonavita coffee maker is a lot similar to the Moccamaster. It’s a ‘one button operation’ kind of coffee maker. The machine is programmed to brew to SCA standards, but nothing can be reprogrammed.
  • It can brew up to 8 cups, or 5 cups on another model.
  • It has a showerhead type of water outlet for full coffee saturation.
  • Brewing temperature is 195F to 205F and cannot be changed or reprogrammed.
  • Optional Pre-infusion (Blooming) mode.
  • Bonavita is available with a thermal carafe, glass carafe or double-walled glass carafe.

Read our Bonavita comparisons here.

Which Coffee Maker Do You Buy?

If you’re looking for precision and versatility, the Breville Precision Brewer has everything you need. Using it, you’re truly in control of your cup. But for those days that you don’t feel like tweaking and just want a good cup, you’ll find pre-sets on the machine to be perfect for that. And the fact that it can brew coffee in different methods (drip, cold brew, over ice or pour over), gives you a lot of room experimenting and enjoying different styles of coffee using a single machine.

If you simply want a good cup of coffee without all the bells and whistles, you can pick between the Bonavita and Moccamaster as both operate the same way. However, the Moccamaster is built to higher standards and is still handmade in the Netherlands, which is something Technivorm prides itself with. The Bonavita is the more affordable option, but it is made in China.

Video Reviews:

Grinder Recommendations To Pair with Your Breville Precision Brewer:

Need a grinder to pair with your Breville Precision Brewer? Here are a few of our favorite burr grinders:

Breville Smart Grinder Pro is a user-friendly burr grinder with lots of features. It’s great for grinding beans for any type of brewing methods, from espresso to french press. It has 6 precise grind settings, a timer with 0.2 second increments. The LCD display guides you through your settings for easy customization. And if you’re grinding for espresso, you can use the included portafilter holder for handsfree grinding.

Baratza Encore is the most popular entry-level burr grinder. It’s my grinder of choice, actually! It has 40 grind settings to select from. It does a great job grinding for drip coffee and french press, but does not provide the best results for espresso grind. So, if you need a grinder that will also grind for espresso, go for the Baratza Preciso (40 settings, with micro-adjustments) instead, or the Breville Smart Grinder Pro mentioned above, which have more grind settings that allow you to get precise grind for espresso.

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Russell Hobbs is a well known brand coming from the UK that has been manufacturing home appliances since the 1950s. While it’s been a loved brand in UK and Europe, it’s been making a good impression in the US, too.

In this post, we want to look at their nicely designed glass series 8-cup coffee maker. It looks great, no doubt there, but do the features match the design? Read on to find out…

Features of Russell Hobbs Glass Series 8-Cup Coffee Maker:

  • Fast brew technology. 40% faster brewing than previous Russell Hobbs coffee maker model.
  • Advanced Showerhead brew technology: the showerhead is designed to fully saturate the coffee ground for a full bodied flavor and perfect extraction.
  • Fully programmable: Set a timer for auto start.
  • LCD Display for easy machine programmability, timer setting and time display.
  • Pause and Pour feature allows you to pause the brewing cycle before it is finished allowing you to pour a cup.
  • Glass carafe with 42 oz capacity.
  • Hot warming plate keeps coffee hot.
  • Premium stainless steel exterior.

Click here to learn more about Russell Hobbs Glass Series Coffee Maker, read the customer reviews and buy it.

What Is Showerhead Technology?

In older generation of coffee makers, the spout where the hot water comes down to saturate the coffee ground would be usually a really small spout. That usually resulted in coffee ground around the edges of the filter not getting wet at all, or not wet enough to extract fully. Showerhead technology was created to fix this issue. Now, the spout has more holes and sprays water evenly around the entire filter, leaving no coffee ground unsaturated. This type of water spraying evenly covers and wets all coffee ground, giving you full flavor extraction from your coffee ground.

Other coffee makers that have this feature include OXO On Barista Brain, Bonavita, Cuisinart Pure Precision Pour Over, KitchenAid Pour Over and Technivorm Moccamaster.

Russell Hobbs Glass Series vs. Russell Hobbs CM7000S, Which Is Best?

The CM7000S model is the previous one to the Glass Series we reviewed above. It has a similar design with beautiful and sleek stainless steel finish. However, it lacks some features:

  • No showerhead: CM7000S has a traditional spout for water. Which means you won’t be getting the same even extraction that you’d get from the Glass Series coffee maker.
  • Not programmable: The CM7000S has no programmability function, so you can’t set it to auto start.
  • The Glass Series coffee maker is 40% faster than the CM7000S.

Click here to learn more about Russell Hobbs CM7000S, read the customer reviews and buy it.

Which One Do You Buy?

Of course, we prefer the Russell Hobbs Glass Series to the CM7000S model for the advanced features. Especially that the price difference between them is not big (as of the time of writing this post, at least). So we definitely believe you should go for the newer model instead of the CM7000S.


If you’re looking design, form and function in a coffee maker, Wilfa Svart is something to consider. Centered around Nordic coffee tradition, where coffee is almost a religious ritual, the design of Svart is beautiful, simple and gives you an experience that you will truly enjoy.

Svart mimics the method of pour-over for brewing coffee. And unlike other automatic pour over coffee makers, Svart actually gives you the ability to control the flow rate of the coffee brew, so you can either have it drip right away, or have the coffee steep for a little bit before dripping.

Features of Wilfa Svart Precision Coffee Maker:

  • Automatic filter brewer with precise temperature and water control.
  • Precise heating system delivers water at 197º-205ºF temperature, which is the optimal temperature for coffee brewing.
  • Detachable water reservoir with marked measurements for water to coffee ground ratio.
  • Flow control: adjust the flow rate of coffee.
  • Includes a glass carafe.
  • Hot Warming plate to keep the coffee hot in carafe.
  • Brushed stainless steel finish.
  • LED display with kitchen timer and clock

Click here to learn more about Wilfa Svart Coffee Maker, read the customer reviews and buy it.

Wilfa Svart Precision vs. Technivorm Moccamaster, What’s The Difference?

One of the most popular automatic pour over coffee makers is the Technivorm Moccamaster, which is an artful machine that is handmade and individually tested in the Netherlands. You can read our full article on the Moccamaster here.

The Wilfa Svart and Moccamaster do have some features in common, starting with the brewing method. Both machines do coffee pour-over style, with their showerhead water action and optimal temperature of 196 to 205 F. But let’s look more into the differences between these two machines:


  • Both machines have rather beautiful designs. Svart has a unique design, where the pump and boiler all sit in the base of it. Moccamaster has an iconic retro design that many people like to have on display on their kitchen counters.
  • The Svart has some details that are rather interesting:
    • First, the water tank is detachable. Making it easier to simply pick up the tank and fill it up.
    • Second, the measurement on the water tank show the best coffee measurement to water ratio. This makes it easier for beginners to get the coffee to water ratio correctly.

The Carafe:

  • Svart has a glass carafe as well as a hot warming plate to keep the coffee hot.
  • Moccamaster is available with a glass carafe/warming plate or a thermal carafe model.
  • Both coffee makers have up to 10 cups capacity, about 40 oz to 42 oz.


  • Moccamaster is full handmade and tested in the Netherlands, which ensures every brewer is up to the highest standards possible. It is also available in different colors and finishes.
  • We’re not sure where Wilfa Svart is made as the information is not available on their website.

Flow Control:

  • One of the great features of the Wilfa Svart is the flow control and steeping feature, which allows you to control the rate of which the brew drips.
  • Moccamaster does not have a Flow Control option.

Which Is Best To Buy?

Although both coffee makers can brew an exceptional cup of coffee, we do prefer the Technivorm Moccamaster for these reasons:

Technivorm Moccamaster 79312 KBGT Coffee Brewer, 40 oz, Polished Silver
  • Auto drip-stop brew-basket with thermal carafe; Pre-immersion drip-style system ensures the perfect coffee bloom, produced by an ultra–precise, natural pulse action
  • Simple to operate and quiet brewing process that produces a full carafe in just 4 to 6 minutes; Pre-immersion drip-style system ensures the perfect coffee bloom, produced by an ultra–precise, natural pulse action
  • Unique, copper boiling element rapidly heats water to control brewing temperature between 196 to 205 degrees Fahrenheit which is important for Coffee soluble extraction, then automatically switches off when the water reservoir is empty
  • Made with durable metal housings and BPA/BPS/bpf & phthalate free plastics
  • Ideal water saturation time to maximize Coffee complexity, flavor and aroma – achieved through a cone shaped brew-basket design that regulates a 6 minute steep
  • It is more popular. Although this isn’t a popularity competition, but what we mean here is that since the Moccamaster is more popular, then any replacement parts you might need can be more accessible. Which is an important thing to keep in mind.
  • Glass/Thermal Option: with the Moccamaster, you can choose to either get a glass carafe or a thermal carafe model. Svart can only offer a glass carafe.
  • Moccamaster comes with an industry leading 5-year warranty.
  • Some Moccamaster models are available in many colors.
  • Handmade and individually tested in Netherlands. This adds to the quality standards of the coffee maker.


Review of Wilfa Precision Coffee Maker:

Review of Technivorm Moccamaster:


Bonavita has a line of many coffee brewers that are SCA Certified, which are tested and approved by the Specialty Coffee Association. This makes Bonavita a brand to be trusted to make a quality cup of coffee, without a question.

One of Bonavita’s releases is the Bonavita Metropolitan Coffee Brewer (BV1901PW). In this post, we will be looking at the features of this model and how it compares to other Bonavita models.

Features of Bonavita Metropolitan BV1901PW:

  • 1500Watts water heater heats and maintains the water at an ideal brewing temperature of 198 F to 205 F.
  • Pre-infusion mode lightly wets the coffee ground before brewing to bloom it. This is optional and can be turned off.
  • Shower head design ensures all coffee ground is fully saturated with water when brewing.
  • Flat bottom filter basket.
  • Tempered glass carafe.
  • Non-stick coated warming plate turns off automatically after 40 minutes.
  • Sleek Matte black design.
  • Audible alert goes off when coffee is ready.
  • 8-cup capacity.

Click here to learn more about Bonavita Metropolitan BV1901PW, read the customer reviews and buy it.

Is Bonavita Metropolitan Different Than Other Bonavita Brewers?

We’ve compared Bonavita models before, like the BV1900TS vs BV1800. So is the newer BV1901PW any different?

Well, internally, Bonavita brewers are the same and work the same way. Some of the differences come as slight different design, capacity or material of the carafe. For the Bonavita Metropolitan, it is different in design:

  • It has a matte black exterior which gives it a very modern look.
  • The glass carafe has a new design, too. It is more artisan-looking, and different than the traditional glass carafe design.
  • The carafe no longer attaches to the filter basket like other models, it simply sits under it.

Bonavita BV1901PW vs BV1901GW, What’s The Difference?

These two, again, are essentially the same in how they brew the coffee. They are also the same capacity and have almost the same glass carafe.

Here’s how they’re different:

The Color:

  • The Metropolitan (BV1901PW) has a matte black finish.
  • The BV1901GW has a mostly stainless steel finish.

The Carafe:

  • Both models have the same glass carafe with its modern design. However, on the BV1901GW, the carafe attaches to the filter basket. So in order to get the carafe, you’ll have to pull out the filter and the carafe together.

Click here to learn more about the Bonavita BV1901GW, read the customer reviews and buy it.

What About Bonavita BV1902DW vs. BV1901PW and BV1901GW?

This model is more similar to the BV1901GW than the BV1901PW. In fact, it is the same in all features except for you:

The BV1902DW is programmable. Which means it has a digital timer that allows for auto start, and it displays the time.

Click here to learn more about the Bonavita BV1902DW, read the customer reviews and buy it.

Which One Do You Buy?

  • Whichever model of Bonavita’s brewers you choose, know that you’ll be getting the same quality of coffee since they all work the same.
  • The Metropolitan BV1901PW is great for its sleek aesthetics. The matte finish is very in and looks quite modern and cool. And it makes sense to pick an appliance for its good looks since it will be sitting on display on your counter.
  • Between the BV1901GW and BV1902DW, the difference is the timer. If it’s important to you that your brewer has auto start, then go for the BV1902DW. If not, save on the price difference and go for the timer-free BV1901PW.



In previous posts, we’ve compared a number of BUNN brewers like: Velocity Brew ST vs. BT, BUNN Phase HG vs. HT, and Velocity Brew GRB vs. BXB. There’s also our comparison between BUNN Velocity Brew vs. Speed Brew and BUNN vs. Bonavita. Continuing on with our comparisons, today we’re having a look at two of Velocity Brew’s models: BX vs. NHS and if there’s any real difference between them.

Features of BUNN Velocity Brew:

Both the BX and NHS models belong to the BUNN Velocity product line, so they have the same features:

  • Brews 4 to 10 cups of coffee.
  • 50 oz capacity.
  • Sprayhead ensures that coffee ground is fully and evenly saturated with water for the best extraction.
  • Internal water tank keeps water constantly heated to optimal temperature.
  • Quick brew time, takes about 3 to 4 minutes.
  • Pour-o-matic, drip-free glass carafe that eliminates mess and dripping.
  • Porcelain coated warming plate.

Click here to learn more about the BUNN Velocity Brew BX, read the customer reviews and buy it.

Click here for BUNN NHS.

What Is The Difference Between BUNN Velocity NHS vs BX?

  • Features wise, there is no difference at all in how the BUNN NHS and BX work. They have the exact same features.
  • Design wise, the two products have slight differences. These difference also don’t affect how the machines brew your coffee. They simply just look a little different.
  • BUNN NHS is the older model and BX was released after it.
  • If there’s one real difference between these two models, it’s where they’re made:
    • BUNN states that their brewers models BX, GR and BT are all Assembled in the USA. What this means is that some components were imported from different origins of the world, but they were assembled in Creston, Iowa. On the other hand, model NHS was made in China.

BUNN BX vs. BX-D, What’s The Difference?

BUNN BX-D Velocity Brew 10-Cup Coffee Brewer, High Altitude
  • Specifically designed for use in high altitude areas
  • Brews 4 to 10 cups (20 to 50 ounces) in about three minutes
  • Designed to remain on to keep the internal hot water tank heated and ready to go
  • Unique sprayhead ensures even, complete coffee flavor extraction
  • Stainless steel internal hot water tank keeps water heated to optimal brewing temperature of 200° F

Velocity Brew BX-D is made especially for use at high-altitude areas. This means that it is designed to include a special thermostat for use at 4,000 feet and above to boil the water at high temperature and keeps coffee hot enough. This model can be used at lower altitude, but other models are not suited to be used at higher altitudes. So if you live in a high altitude area, the BX-D model is the best choice for you.

Which One To Choose?

Obviously, picking one of these models isn’t going to be about features since both are identical, in that sense. If you care about where your coffee brewer has been assembled and prefer something that was not made in China (you can see a bunch of NOT made in China coffee makers here), then definitely pick model BX over NHS. Otherwise simply choose whichever design looks best to you.

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