What Is The Best Cup On-Demand Coffee Maker To Buy?

Before we get to the best on demand coffee makers, let me first clarify what is an on-demand coffee maker and how it works:

Unlike usual coffee makers that include a carafe that holds the coffee until you drink it, an on-demand coffee maker, also known as a dispensing coffee maker, holds the coffee in a tank within the machine and keeps it hot there. When you want coffee, you’ll simply push a lever to dispense as much coffee as you want.

Is an On-demand Coffee Maker Better than a Regular Coffee Maker?

It is better in two ways:

  • There’s less parts to worry about. No need to worry about glass carafe replacements.
  • The coffee tastes better and less burnt than a coffee that’s been sitting on a burner for a while.

But How Do You Clean an On-Demand Coffee Maker?

Good question! The internal coffee tank in an on-demand coffee maker is detachable, so you simply pick it up, wash it and place it back. It’s that simple.

Best On-Demand Coffee Makers:


Hamilton Beach One Press Programmable Dispensing Drip Coffee Maker with 12 Cup Internal Brew Pot, Water Reservoir, Black and Silver (47950)
BrewStation by Hamilton Beach is great pick for an on-demand coffee maker with an internal storage and a variety of brewing options. It keeps your coffee hot and fresh for up to 4 hours, and ready to enjoy at anytime.

Hamilton Beach’s BrewStation comes with features a number of options that will allow you to enjoy delicious coffee every time. It has a 12-cup capacity, holds your coffee hot and fresh and can be easily dispensed whenever you need it by pushing the dispensing bar.

It has several brewing options: regular, bold or iced coffee. And this time, the coffee actually comes out cold! To use the iced coffee option, you would fill the water reservoir with ice cubes, you’ll also need to double the amount of ground coffee to use so the coffee comes out tasting stronger. You’ll find the exact instructions in the booklet.

The digital clock can be used to program auto start brewing up to 24hrs in advance. The digital display also shows you when it’s time to clean the coffee maker.


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Cuisinart’s DCC-300 coffee-on-demand machine has been around long enough to prove that it’s one of the best out there. Packed with features that make it a great choice for anyone that would need their coffee ready to drink at any time.

Using the programmable timer, the machine can auto start at any time and the coffee will be all ready for you to enjoy. A double-walled coffee reservoir ensure that the coffee remains hot.

It’s a 12-cup capacity, but it’s important to note that these are measured in 5-oz cup sizes. So if you’re using larger mugs or travel mugs, you’ll get less than the marketed 12-cups. If you ever need to brew less than full capacity, you can use the 1-4 cup option.

The machine includes a permanent gold-tone coffee filter and a charcoal water filter.

Which Do You Pick? Hamilton Beach or Cuisinart?

Although both coffee makers offer nearly the same features when it comes to capacity and how the coffee is actually served, the Hamilton Beach wins because unlike the Cuisinart, it has brew options to select from. Regular and Bold are a stable in most Hamilton Beach coffee makers, but the Iced Coffee option is not the same as your average machine. This time, the machine uses ice cubes to brew the coffee cold, which is not something I see in coffee makers. Price wise, the Hamilton Beach is more affordable than the Cuisinart’s (as of the time or writing this), which gives in an extra point.