Does a Ninja Coffee Bar Use K-Cup Pods?

Ninja Coffee Bar Brewer

We’ve recently reviewed the Ninja Coffee Bar and compared it to many popular coffee makers available on the market, including Keurig and Nespresso. One of Ninja Coffee Bar’s best features is its ability to brew a single-serving cup of coffee as well as other sizes like full carafe, half carafe or travel mug.

Because the Ninja Coffee Bar is able to brew a single cup, many have confused it with the Keurig brewer, which uses K-Cups to brew single serving of coffee. So, you might be wondering, does the Ninja Coffee Brewer use K-Cups to brew its single servings, too?

How Does Ninja Coffee Bar Work?

The answer is no, it does NOT use K-Cups. The Ninja Coffee Bar uses ground coffee only to brew all its sizes, from single serve to full carafe. The coffee maker comes with a scoop that is labelled with the right amount for your required coffee brewing. If you want a single-cup, then simply fill your filter basket with the right amount of coffee ground for a single-cup. As for water, the Auto iQ technology of the machine draws only the needed amount of water depending on your size selection, automatically. So even if you have a full water reservoir, it will draw the water needed for a single-cup only.

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Need a K-Cup Brewer?

If you prefer to use K-Cups rather than coffee ground, then we highly recommend Keurig’s coffee brewers:

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