Do You Open the Lid Off a K-Cup Before Brewing? Here’s How To Use Keurig Pods

If you’re new to the world of Keurig, or pod brewing in general, you could be confused or unsure with how to use your newly bought machine and its pods.

In this post, I will try my best to answer all your questions to help you with your K-Cup brewing experience.

K-Cups or K-Cup Pods, Is there a difference?

No, those two names refer to the same thing. It’s just easier to say k-cups instead of k-cup pods sometimes.

Do You Take the Lid Off a K-Cup Pod?

K Cup Pod with Lid on

The K-Cup pods contain coffee grounds sealed inside a plastic pod and a foil lid. You could be wondering, if like many other products, that seal should be opened.

No, the foil lid should remain close as it is. You’ll insert the pod while sealed, and the machine will puncture it and brew the coffee through it.

That is the idea of a Keurig coffee maker, and single-serve coffee makers in general. For you to brew a quick cup of coffee without the mess.

How to Use a K-Cup Pod?

Open the lid of your machine, place the pod as it is and close the lid. When closing the lid, you’ll hear puncture sound and a click that indicates you’ve securely closed the lid.

Now all you have to do is select your brew size and hit the brew button.

Can You Reuse a K-Cup Pod?

No, these pods are single use only. Once you’ve brewed a pod, you discard it. Some users choose to hit the Brew button twice on a pod before discarding it, that would not be recommended though, it will result in a very weak cup of coffee.

How Much Coffee Does a K-Cup Pod Hold? How Many Ounces Can It Brew?

Most pods hold between 9 to 12 grams of coffee grounds. You can use it to brew your desired amount of coffee ounces, depending on the serving sizes available on your Keurig machine. Most Keurigs offer serving sizes 6 to 12 oz, some have an additional 4 oz serving size.

Is There a Non-plastic K-Cup Pod?

Stainless steel k cup pod

When it comes to single-serve coffee pods, many people are concerned with the use of plastic and the huge waste it amounts to.

Most brands sell their pods in plastic format. However, there are few brands that manufacture compostable pods that are easy to compost and recycle. Your other option would be to use a stainless steel reusable filter pod. This will cut down on your purchase costs and waste.

How Much Coffee Should I Put in a Reusable Filter K Cup Pod?

Should you decide to go the refillable pod route, one of the great things about these pods is that they’re as easy as a regular pod. Inside the pod, you’ll find a MAX line where you have to fill up to. No eyeballing or measuring needed.

The only downside to a refillable pod is cleaning them. They’re not difficult to clean, but not as convenient as discarding a pod after use.