Keurig Cup Size Icons, Sizes in Ounces And ml (Full Guide)

Single serve coffee makers like Keurig’s are known to offer a variety of cup sizes to fit every mood. Not all machines offer the same serving sizes, though, but many of them do have the most popular ones by demand.

If you’re planning on purchasing a new Keurig or want to understand how your current machine works and what it offers, below you should find a full chart of each model’s cup sizes and answers to other questions you might have.

What Are Keurig’s 5 Cup Sizes

Keurig’s cup sizes vary from 4 oz (the smallest) and up to 12 oz (the largest). They are: 4, 6, 8,10 and 12 oz. The only exception here is a the K-Cafe and K-Latte, which have a special serving size of 2 oz, made to replicate the taste of an espresso shot.

Here’s a full chart of most popular Keurig brewers, their cup sizes and reservoir capacity

Keurig Cup Sizes in Ounces

Serving Sizes (oz)Reservoir Capacity
K-Mini/Mini Plus6, 8, 10, 12add Fresh water every brew
K-Slim8, 10, 12 46 oz
K-Express8, 10, 12 42 oz
K-Express Essentials6, 8, 10 36 oz
K-Duo/K-Duo Plus*6, 8, 10, 1260 oz
K-Classic6, 8, 10 48 oz
K-Select6, 8, 10, 1252 oz
K-Elite4, 6, 8, 10, 1275 oz
K-Supreme/Smart6, 8, 10, 1266 oz
K-Supreme Plus/Smart4, 6, 8, 10, 1278 oz
K-Cafe6, 8, 10, 12 (plus, 2 oz)60 oz

*Note on the K-Duo and K-Duo Plus, these are dual coffee makers that can also brew a carafe using coffee grounds. The cup sizes in the chart refer to single-cup servings using K-Cup pods.

Keurig Cup Sizes in ML

Serving Sizes (ml)
K-Mini/Mini Plus177.4, 236.5, 295.7, 354.88
K-Slim236.5, 295.7, 354.88
K-Express236.5, 295.7, 354.88
K-Express Essentials177.4, 236.5, 295.7
K-Duo/K-Duo Plus*177.4, 236.5, 295.7, 354.88
K-Classic177.4, 236.5, 295.7
K-Select177.4, 236.5, 295.7, 354.88
K-Elite118, 177.4, 236.5, 295.7, 354.88
K-Supreme/Smart177.4, 236.5, 295.7, 354.88
K-Supreme Plus/Smart118, 177.4, 236.5, 295.7, 354.88
K-Cafe177.4, 236.5, 295.7, 354.88 (plus, 59 ml)

Keurig Cup Size Icons in Each Model

Here are the icons on models K-Elite, K-Select, K-Classic and K-Mini/Mini Plus. I did not include other models as they have the name of each serving size labeled on the buttons.

Keurig K-Elite Cup Size Icons
K-Select and K-Classic Cup Size Icons
Brew Button on the K-Mini and K-Mini Plus

Choosing the Cup Size on your Keurig Machine

Depending on the design of your Keurig, some will have the serving size labeled while others only show an icon of a cup.

The question is, how do you know which button is for the cup size you want to brew?

Obviously, with the models that have the serving size labeled clearly, all you have to do is pick the size you want then hit the brew button.

For machines that only have cup icons, although the icons do display small to large cup icons, picking the middle serving sizes is confusing.

The buttons will be placed in order of size (small to large), so assuming your machine has 4 cup sizes, the small cup icon will be 6 oz, followed by 8, 10 then 12 oz.

The Photos above should demonstrate the cup size buttons clearly.

Which Cup Size Should I Choose?

The size of the cup you choose to brew will affect not only the amount of coffee you get, but also the taste, especially if your machine does not have strength settings.

Dunkin K cups

Many pod manufactures will actually tell you the recommended cup size for their pod on the box, so it’s always best to try that first. If the box doesn’t tell you, then it’s a matter of trial and error. Start with the middle size, if you want your coffee stronger, go smaller, if you want it milder, go bigger. Don’t worry, the coffee will never taste watered down (if it does, make sure you’re not using a really light roast).

Does the Cup Size Affect Caffeine Content and Coffee Strength?

As mentioned in the previous answer, the cup size can actually affect the strength of the coffee. Think of it this way:

K-Cup pods have the same amount of coffee grounds (between 9g to 12g depending on the brand) no matter which size you pick. Having 6 oz of water go through that amount of coffee ground isn’t the same as having 12 oz of water brew it. The smaller size will definitely taste stronger. Other things you can do to make your coffee stronger is to use the Strong setting if your model has it.

When it comes to caffeine, the answer is no. You have a fixed amount of coffee grounds with fixed amount of caffeine in it, it doesn’t matter how small or large you brew it. The caffeine content remains the same while the coffee strength (taste) changes.

Can a Keurig Brew 14 or 16 oz Cup?

As you have already seen in the chart above, the largest cup size a Keurig machines offers is 12 oz. There are K-Cup brewers from other brands, like the Hamilton Beach Flexbrew, that can offer you up to 14 oz of coffee, provided that you use their included refillable pod and not a K-cup pod.

If you want to brew larger sizes like 16 or even 20 oz, you’ll most likely need to brew two pods instead of one to get the best results.

Can the Cup Sizes Be Adjusted?

As a default, each Keurig machine comes preset with the cup sizes you saw in the chart above. For a machine like the K-Mini or K-Mini Plus, there are no buttons to choose from, you can simple add in the amount of water to brew and it will use it all.

If you’re wondering if you can reprogram those presets and adjust the volumes, then no, it’s not possible.

Do K-Cup Pods Come in Different Sizes?

No, it does not matter what cup size you plan on brewing, the K-Cup pod will remain the same size and will contain the same amount of coffee.

So, Will All K-Cups fit all Keurig brewers?

Yes, they will. No matter what Keurig model you have, they all use the same K-Cups from any brand and for any beverage, you are not limited to coffee here.


To sum up, no matter which cup size you will use, it will not affect the caffeine content of your brew, but it will change the taste (moderately). If you feel like your Keurig is making weak coffee, read our guide on how to fix this issue.

Which cup size to pick always depends on what you want. Generally speaking, for strong cup, using a small to medium size. As all K-Cup pods are actually the same size, you are always getting the same coffee, adjusting the taste of it comes down to tweaking some of the settings available to you like strong setting, cup size and so on.