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Pour over is one of the most popular manual methods for brewing coffee. It has recently regained popularity with the introduction of specialty coffee, and with tools like Hario V60 or Chemex widely available, many people gave it a go.

However, there’s still a number of people who are still intimidated by pour-over and all the tools it requires just to make a cup of coffee. Why does it require a lot of tools? Is it really worth the time and effort?

To do Pour-over correctly, measuring and timing are everything! You have to measure the amount of coffee ground and water, and you have to time every step. So to do your pour-over, you’ll need a grinder, a scale and a timer. That’s a whole lot of things just to make coffee. And it’s okay, many people enjoy the process of making coffee this way, and that’s exactly what matters.

Now if you’re one who have always wanted to try pour-over but don’t want to buy all those accessories, or even find it such a hassle to do all the steps required, you’ll like what Mr. Coffee has created in this coffee maker.

What Is Mr Coffee All in One Pour Over Coffee Maker?

You’ve probably seen some automatic pour over coffee makers that imitate the method of pour over (blooming, showerhead water spray and so on… Bonavita and Moccamaster are fist to come to mind), which is a great solution for anyone who wants the taste of a pour-over cup but don’t want to do any of the work. This coffee maker is not one of those…

Mr Coffee Pour Over Coffee Maker is still somewhat of a manual method of pour over, but it guides you through the process entirely to make it easier for beginners. It has everything you need for the perfect pour over built into it (including a scale and a timer!)

The coffee maker consists of:

  • Electric gooseneck kettle
  • Cone dripper and a glass pot.
  • The base that holds it all together.

The base of the coffee maker is where all the magic happens. The interface of base unit displays step by step guide to help you make the perfect brew:

  • Select the amount of coffee you’re brewing: 2, 4 or 6 cups.
  • The guide will prompt you to add your coffee ground and it will automatically measure the correct amount with the built-in scale. Once you have added enough coffee, it will prompt the next step…
  • Adding water is also measured using the built-in scale. Now you’ll have to slowly pour in the water in circular motion until the progress bar is full. First, you’ll add just a little to allow your coffee to bloom, then you’ll add the rest of the water required for your serving size.
  • How long do you have to wait? The base unit has a timer, too. While it doesn’t show you the time in seconds or minutes, it does tell you to wait and continue when you need to.

Is The Mr. Coffee Pour Over Coffee Maker Worth It?

This coffee maker makes a great all in one solution for someone who wants to start using pour over as their brewing method. It includes everything you need except for the grinder.

If you’re a beginner, you’ll love the ease of use this coffee maker provides. In fact, even if you start getting the hang of things, in pour over, you’ll always need your coffee and water scaled and timed. So even if you advance in your brewing method, the automatic guidance will still be useful.

The question is, is it worth the effort? This is only for you to decide. Pour over is a manual method that takes a bit of time and effort on your part. It is important that you like taking time off to make your coffee manually and enjoy the process of preparing your coffee. If you’re someone who wants a quick cup of coffee or don’t have the time, this is not a machine for you. I’d highly recommend getting an automatic pour-over coffee maker that automates the whole thing and makes your coffee for you with a push of a button (while getting the same results). However, if you ever feel like you want to take a real coffee break, and take your time doing it, this would be a cool way to do it.

One thing to keep in mind is, this machine does not have a warming plate to keep coffee hot. When it comes to manual brewing, keeping your coffee on constant heat is not recommended as it makes the coffee bitter. So only make the amount you’ll be consuming at the time.

Another thing about Mr Coffee Pour Over is, if you plan on experimenting with recipes (use different measurements of coffee to water ratios…), it will be hard to do so using this machine. As it doesn’t show you exactly in grams the amount coffee or water you’re using, it’s hard to know the exact recipe you’re following. The display only shows you that you’ve used the correct amount for the coffee volume you want to brew, but not the exact measurement. So if you feel like you want to experiment or use different ratios, you’re better off buying your tools separately.

Recommended Grinders for Pour Over:

Getting your coffee grind right is as important as everything else in pour over. If you’re using the wrong grind, your coffee will not taste good. A hand grinder is always a great option to start with, here are a few high rated recommendation:


Cuisinart is a brand that is leading in the coffee maker world. We’ve reviewed and compared many of their coffee makers like the Cuisinart Grind and Brew, Cuisinart DCC-3200 vs DCC-2650, Cuisinart DGB-900BC and more. All of these make a great drip coffee maker, but none of them so far makes pour-over coffee, not until the model we’ll be focusing on today.

The Pure Precision (CPO-800 & CPO850) is an automatic pour-over coffee maker from Cuisinart that is SCAA-certfied. That means it meets the requirement for a home brewer that Specialty Coffee Association of America has set, that includes brew time and temperature.

Features of the Cuisinart Pure Precision Coffee Maker

  • Premium pour over coffee maker with coffee strength and temperature control
  • Precision brewing technique mimics manual pour-over brewing method in a fully automated operation.
  • Pre-wet coffee grounds for an even saturation and extraction, and to bloom freshly ground coffee.
  • Choose from three flavor strength: mild, medium, bold.
  • Choose from two temperature settings: hot and extra hot.
  • Includes an 8-cup carafe.
  • Brew-Pause feature allows you to pour a cup before brewing cycle is complete.
  • 24-hour programmable with auto start and adjustable auto off.
  • Includes charcoal water filter, laser-etched stainless steel permanent filter and #4 paper filter starter pack.

Click here to learn more about Cuisinart Pure Precision, read the customer reviews and buy it.

Cuisinart Pure Precision CPO-800 vs. CPO-850, Is There a Difference?

The only difference between the CPO-800 and CPO-850 models is the carafe. Both carafes are 8-cup capacity, but the CPO-800 is a glass carafe and the CPO-850 is a thermal carafe.

Why You Should Consider the Cuisinart Pure Precision Pour Over Coffee Maker

You’ve probably heard many coffee snobs rave about pour over coffee and how it is a lot better than any coffee a drip machine can ever make. Guess what? They are absolutely right. Pour Over produces a cup of coffee that is better than any home coffee maker because of two things: temperature and how the coffee ground is saturated.

  • With automatic pour-over coffee makers, the coffee maker is able to bring the water temperature up to 205F, which is the optimal brewing temperature.
  • The other thing is the brewing method itself. In drip coffee makers, you have a single stream of water going down through the coffee ground to fill it up with water. But that doesn’t always guarantee that it will fill up the entire basket of coffee ground, so sometimes you end up with coffee ground that isn’t fully saturated and therefore, not fully extracted. A pour-over coffee maker has a showerhead-like water action, the shower water first blooms your coffee, meaning it wets it before the full extraction to ensure that it is all wet and saturated and release any gas from fresh coffee beans. After that, the brewing process starts with the same showerhead water action that fully covers and extracts a flavorful cup of coffee.

One of the biggest downsides to the pour-over brewing method is that it is time consuming and it is not the best choice for someone who wants to rush out with a cup of coffee in hand. This problem is solved with an automatic machine like the Cuisinart Pure Precision.

How Long Does The Cuisinart Pure Precision Take to Make Coffee?

It is hard to estimate how long it will take to brew your coffee because it is fully reliant on your settings. For example: Extra Hot and Bold coffee will take longer to make than a Hot Medium or Mild coffee. Coffee strength refers to how long the coffee steeps in the machine, so the strong the coffee the longer it takes. We can guess though, based on customer feedback, that it shouldn’t take longer than 7 minutes.

Which Cuisinart Pure Precision Has a Hot Plate?

As with other coffee makers, only models with a glass carafe have a hot plate to keep your coffee hot. So, with the Cuisinart Pure Precision, the CPO-800 model is the one that comes with a glass carafe and features a hot plate that can stay on for up to 2 hours. The CPO-850 model has a thermal carafe, so there’s no hot plate on it as it is not needed.

Other Automatic Pour Over Coffee Makers To Consider

Like we said, we’ve covered many automatic pour over coffee makers in the past. But the Pure Precision is the first to come from Cuisinart. If you want to have a look at pour-over coffee makers from other brands, here are some suggestions:

Video Reviews


If you’re a fan of Pour-Over coffee and want a beautiful setup to put on display on your kitchen counter, here’s the good news: you don’t have to spend a fortune for the best setup! We found some great pour-over drippers by Japanese brand Osaka that look simply beautiful, made from quality materials and are worth their money, for sure!

Osaka “Lake Mashu” Pour-over dripper with Wood Stand Set:


The Osaka Lake Mashu consists of a stainless steel cone filter, a stand with a wooden base and a 4-cup glass carafe. The carafe is made from borosilicate glass, which is resistant to thermal shock, it also does not absorb any odors, chemicals or residue. And while it can make a max of 4 cups, it has markings for 2 cups (9 oz) 3 cups (13.5 oz) and 4 cups (18 oz), with a full capacity of 20 oz. You can choose your favorite wood color: natural, Mahogany or black.

Click here to learn more about the Osaka Lake Mashu set, read the customer reviews and buy it.

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Osaka “Kaiyukan Gold” Tripod Pour Over Set:


This set has a different feel and aesthetic than the previous set, but it’s still as beautiful with it’s luxurious gold and brown tones! The set includes a gold stainless steel cone filter, a gold stand, a wooden base and a 20 oz carafe accented with cold metal and a brown wooden handle. The glass carafe is marked for 2 cups, 3 cups or 4 cups. Unlike the previous set, it is available only in one shade of wood.

Click here to learn more about the Osaka Kaiyukan Gold set, read the customer reviews and buy it.

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Osaka Mount Zao Pour Over Coffee Station:


This set comes with an entirely different aesthetic, perfect for someone who wants the more classic pour-over look. The Mount Zao set includes a base with a metal stand, a stainless steel cone filter, and a 20-oz all-glass carafe.

Click here to learn more about the Osaka Mount Zao set, read the customer reviews and buy it.

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Why Choose Osaka Pour-Over Home Set?

There are many pour-over sets available to buy, but here’s why these Osaka sets won our hearts:

  • Beautiful designs that reflect the traditional Japanese style combining natural wood with metal.
  • The stainless steel cone filters mean you don’t ever have to buy a paper filter again.
  • They are very reasonably priced, making them a great set either for personal use or as a gift.

What Is a Clever Dripper?

Clever_In Use

When it comes to coffee cones or drippers, you are probably familiar with the Hario V60, which is the most popular one. Another one is a Chemex, the famous pour-over pot.

The Clever Dripper, which looks more like the Hario V60 than a Chemex, is another method of brewing drip coffee. While it looks like the V60, it isn’t considered a pour-over coffee maker. The Clever is actually unique in it’s way of brewing. It is called Immersion brewing, and it combines pour over but with the ability to steep your coffee longer, kind of like a French Press.

Click here to learn more about Clever Dripper, read the customer reviews and buy it.

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How Does a Clever Dripper Work?

The first few steps of brewing using a Clever Dripper are somewhat similar to Pour Over:

  • Place the filter and wet it to get rid of any paper taste.
  • Put in your coffee ground and pour in the water.
  • You can pour down the water all at once or slowly. You don’t have to pour the water in increments like with traditional pour-over.

At this point, the Clever Dripper, unlike the V60, will hold the coffee in it and it will steep. Due to its unique mechanism with its shut off valve, the coffee doesn’t pour down until you’ve put the dripper over your mug or carafe. You can let your coffee steep for as long as you want, but 2 to 3 minutes is the recommended time. After it’s done steeping, place the Clever Dripper over your cup and the coffee will start to pour down.

How Does Clever Dripper Compare to Chemex When It Comes To Taste?

Chemex Glass Coffeemaker

The main difference between these devices is retention and how long the coffee is kept before it’s poured into a mug/server.

  • The Chemex is designed to be used with thick paper filters that retain a lot of the coffee’s oils. That, combined with the coarseness of the coffee ground and the slow pour of water, coffee is released slowly but the result is a light and clean cup of coffee.
  • The Clever Dripper uses a lighter type of paper filters, but the dripper itself still contains the coffee ground perfectly. However, due to the fact the the coffee steeps in the dripper rather than pour down right away, it results in a bolder cup of coffee, almost as bold as a cup of French Press.

Click here to learn more about Chemex, read the customer reviews and buy it.

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How Does Clever Dripper Compare to French Press?

Bodum Set_French Press

We’ve already stated that Clever is the closest thing to French Press as both allow you to steep the coffee longer. However, since the French Press pot keeps the coffee ground in it even after you’ve pressed down the plunger, it will still continue to steep, though way less than before plunging. This means that a cup of French Press coffee is even stronger than a Clever’s.

Click here to learn more about French Press and the Best Press Pots by Bodum.

What Kind of Filter Does a Clever Dripper Use?

Melitta No. 4 Cone Coffee Filters

For a Clever, you’ll need a paper filter size #4.

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Does It Work With a Permanent Filter?

A permanent filter of the right size could work. However, it might pop up a bit and not sit correctly as a paper filter, which once wet, will mold to the shape of the dripper.

Clever Dripper vs. Bonavita, Are They Different?

Bonavita Wide Base Porcelain Immersion Dripper

[apc id=”62″]

  • Bonavita’s Porcelain Dripper is actually an immersion dripper, just like Clever. The brewing method is the same, but there are a few design difference.
  • With the Clever Dripper, the shut-off valve is designed to release the coffee once it is placed on top of a mug. It is also made of BPA-free plastic.
  • The Bonavita Dripper has a switch valve. When you’re done steeping you’ll switch the valve to release the coffee. It’s made of porcelain so it is of higher quality than the Clever.
  • The porcelain of the Bonavtia will actually help retain heat better than Clever’s plastic.
  • Capacity wise, the Clever dripper is 18 oz while the Bonavita is 16 oz.

Click here to learn more about the Bonavita Dripper, read the customer reviews and buy it.

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What’s The Difference Between Bonavita Porcelain and Bonavita V-Style Dripper?

Bonavita BV4000V2 No.2 V-Style Dripper

The Bonavita V-style dripper is actually a pour-over dripper, much like the Hario V60. It doesn’t have the steeping feature of the Bonavita Dripper or Clever.

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Watch How the Bonavita Dripper Works:


Bodum has always been famous of their french press pots. But they’re also increasingly becoming popular for their great pour-over pot. In this post, we will be highlighting the difference between these two to help you choose the right product for you.

Bodum French Press, How Does It Work?

Bodum BRAZIL French Press

Whether it’s Bodum or another French Press brand, the method of french press works the same (although the quality of Bodum pots is hard to beat!). French press, which is also known as press pot or plunger coffee, is very simple method of brewing coffee, which is probably why it’s a favorite among many coffee lovers.

The French Press is made of a simple pot with a lid that has a filter attached to it. When you fill your pot with your favorite coffee ground, add hot water and leave it to steep for a few minutes. When your steeping time is over, all you have to do is press down your filter, which holds the coffee ground at the bottom of the pot and lifts all the coffee brew up.

Because when using French Press the coffee ground remains in the pot, usually the taste of the coffee is bolder than that made using Pour-over. If you prefer a bold, full bodied cup of coffee, you’ll enjoy the results of French Press.

You can click here to see our reviews and comparisons of the best Bodum French Press pots.

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Bodum Pour Over, How Does It Work?

Bodum Pour Over with Permanent Filter

Compared to the French Press, the Pour-Over pot is a relatively new addition to the Bodum family. Preparing coffee following the Pour-Over method is an increasingly popular trend among coffee lovers. Although it requires more time and a more precise procedure, many people still find it very enjoyable (myself included!).

The basis of pour-over is brewing coffee on a cone which lets the coffee drips slowly. There are different types of pour-over cones, there are the small cones that can be placed directly on your mug like the famous Hario V60, or you can use a decanter where the cone is placed on top of it and your coffee drips into the serving decanter, like Chemex or the Bodum Pour-over pot.

With the Bodum Pour-over, you get a glass decanter with a reusable cone filter. You will add the coffee ground to the filter then you’ll have to slowly pour your water over a course of a minute or two, you’ll notice that the coffee will start to slowly pour down into the decanter. Here’s how it works:

Pour over coffee results in a lighter and cleaner cup of coffee. As the coffee ground remains in the top filter, you’ll notice that the coffee brewed is oil-free and less bitter or acid in taste.

Click here to learn more about the Bodum Pour Over and how it compares to Chemex.

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Which One Should You Go For?

Bodum BEAN French Press

Eventually, it all comes down to how you prefer your coffee to taste:

  • If you want a strong cup of coffee, more on the bitter side, and with all oily flavors of the coffee ground in-tact, then French Press is the way to go.
  • For a low acid, clean and crisp cup of coffee, Pour-over is definitely the way to go.
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