Where Are Braun Coffee Makers Made?

Braun is a German brand that needs no introduction. Leader of appliances of all kinds, and coffee makers, too.

Braun Aromaster

If you know anything about coffee maker history, you know that Braun made one of the most Iconic coffee makers ever made, which was known as the Aromaster. It goes back to 1972, and back then, it was considered to have a really futuristic design. The Aromaster was designed and manufactured in Germany.

This begs the question, are Braun coffee makers still made in Germany?

Where Are Braun Coffee Makers Made?

Braun coffee makers are made using the same high quality standards that have been applied to all Braun products since 1921. The designs come from German engineers who strive to create sleek and intuitive machines. However, manufacturing of these machines takes place in various factories situated in Poland, Romania or China. So, no, Braun coffee makers are no longer made in Germany.

braun designed in germany

If you look closely, you’ll see that Braun uses the label ‘Designed in Germany’ and not ‘Made in Germany’, which refer to two different things. They design the machine, plan the components and everything in between in their homeland Germany, but the machines are put together in different parts of the world, including China and Romania.

Are Braun Coffee Makers Any Good?

Yes, Braun coffee makers are still as good as ever. They may no longer be made in Germany, but the same engineering and design principles are applied to each machine. All machines have a sleek and intuitive design that makes them easier to use, as well as features like automatic shut off and auto brewing that make them more convenient. Plus, they come with a wide range of different models and features, so there’s something for everyone.

So if you’re looking for a Braun coffee maker, you can rest assured that it will still be just as good as the ones made in Germany all those years ago. With its German engineering and design principles, you know you’re getting an amazing machine that will last for years to come.

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