Pros and Cons of a Single-Serve Espresso and Coffee Maker

Nespresso D121-US-BK-NE1 Citiz Espresso Maker with Aeroccino Milk Frother We’ve talked about the fact that single-serve espresso and coffee makers are a great option to consider. We’ve also features a few of the best single-serve espresso machines you can buy right now. But if you’re still not sure about them, we’ve decided to list a few of the pros and cons of such machines that should hopefully help you with your decision.

Pros of Single-Serve Espresso/Coffee Makers:

Convenience: this is the number one reason people are buying single-serve machines. they are truly convenient, very quick, and requires less to no clean up after use (obviously, you’ll have to clean it after a few uses, but not necessarily right away). They prepare you a cup of coffee, espresso or any other beverage literally with a single push of a button, in a minute or less. So if you’re someone who doesn’t have much time, or always on the run, you’ll appreciate this.

Precise Ingredients/Always Perfect Cup of Coffee: With single-serve machines, everything is automatically working to make you the perfect cup of coffee, every time. The pods are already packed with the exact amount of coffee needed, the machine will use the exact amount of water and pressure needed, and as a result, the brewed coffee will always taste as perfect as it should! Need to adjust the strength/taste of your coffee? Your machine can do that for you, too!

Easy To Use: A single-serve espresso maker is way easier to use than a manual one. They’re easier to program and easier to control, and there’s not much guess work happening.

No Coffee Waste Anymore: You’ll always make just as much coffee as you’ll drink. There’s now stale coffee sitting in a pot that you’ll have to discard.

Cons of a Single-Serve Espresso/Coffee Maker:

Less Control Over Your Coffee: this is mainly for advanced users who know how to really control an espresso maker. With a single-serve machine, you can’t control the temperature of the machine, as well as other features. However, you can re-program the volume and memorization settings (if available), which gives you some control.

Coffee Pod Commitment: As we mentioned before, committing to a single-serve espresso machine also means committing to its brand of coffee as many machines only use their own coffee pods exclusively. This could also mean, less coffee variety available. So make sure you check the available coffee pods for a machine before buying it.

More Expensive Coffee: This habit of buying coffee pods could get costly over time. It is still WAY less expensive than buying your coffee from a coffee shop, but it’s more expensive than ground or whole coffee beans.