Best Two Way Coffee Maker For Under $100: Hamilton Beach 2-Way FlexBrew Coffemaker

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Hamilton Beach 49983 2-Way FlexBrew Coffemaker

As more options for coffee makers becomes available, it only makes your buying decision harder. It could be that, like me for example, you have different coffee needs throughout the day; espresso, brewed coffee, coffee to-go or a full pot that you’d want to share (or keep for yourself, no judgement!). That usually translates to having to own two machines or more. But here’s the good news, we found the ultimate coffee maker that does it all!

The Hamilton Beach 49983 2-Way FlexBrew Coffee maker is one versatile coffee maker, perfect for all your brewing needs. Here are some of the main features of this machine:

  • 2 brewing methods; coffee ground or coffee pods (K-Cups)
  • Full pot brewing or single-cup.
  • Can accommodate a travel mug.
  • Fully programmable.
  • Brew strength adjustment.
  • Programmable timer with 2 hours auto-shut.

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The carafe holds up to 12 cups of coffee. You also have the option to brew only a cup, either using a single-serve K-Cup or by using the included tray that allows you to hold individual potion of coffee ground.

FlexBrew Coffe Pod

The right side of the machine is where you’ll brew your individual coffee portions. If you’re using a regular coffee mug, you can adjust the cup tray by flipping it so it holds the mug up closer. Otherwise, the tray is set to hold a travel mug comfortably. The machine includes a mesh filter for holding the coffee ground, and another holder where you can place your K-Cup pod. You’ll simply put everything in place and hit Brew Now.

The left side is where the full size pot brews. The machines holds the regular coffee maker paper filter for this task, which you’ll fill with coffee ground and everything should be all set.

The Hamilton Beach 2Way FlexBrew coffee maker is an excellent choice for anyone looking for versatility in a coffeemaker. The fact that it can brew K-Cup pods opens up a whole new world of coffee tasting to you. Actually, you’ll get to brew other beverages as well, just have a look at the K-Cup selection availability, it’s almost endless! And to top it off, at a price range under $100, this machine is quite a steal!

Hamilton Beach FlexBrew 49983 vs. 49980, What’s The Difference?

Hamilton Beach 49980A 2-Way Single Serve Brewer and Coffee Maker

Looking at the photos (49983 pictured at the top of the page), you’ll notices the difference in design. The 49980 is an older version of the of the 49983, the updates are mostly in the design, where the section of single-brew has been changes and control panel improvements have been added. Feature wise, both are exactly the same.

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Hamilton Beach FlexBrew 49976 vs 49983, What’s The Difference?

Hamilton Beach 49976 Flex brew 2 Way Brewer Programmable Coffee Maker

FlexBrew 49976 is the updated model of the 49983 (pictured at the top of this post). While both have the same features, you can clearly tell that the design has been fully updated.

  • Instead of the rotary dial to control the machine, you get select buttons for carafe, single serve, brew strength and for the timer.
  • The single-serve side has its own water reservoir and can brew up to 10 oz for K-Cup pods, or 14 oz of ground coffee. It can accommodate small cups or a travel mug up to 8″ tall.
  • The carafe side brews up to 12-cups.
  • Choose from regular or bold brew.
  • Fully programmable options.

So overall, this model has no difference to the older 49983 other than the refreshed design.

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