Ninja DualBrew’s Cup Size Guide – How Many Ounces in Each Brew Size

ninja dualbrew cup size chart

If there’s one thing Ninja coffee makers in general, and DualBrew and DualBrew Pro specifically, are known for, it’s the versatility of the serving sizes. From a single cup to a full 12-cup carafe and everything in between.

The problem is, on the listings of these brewers, you’ll only see the brew sizes by name and not the amount in ounces. So in this post, I’ll list the exact brew size and how many ounces it is.

Note: the amount of each serving size actually slightly changes when you change the brew style.

Ninja DualBrew Cup Size Chart in Ounces

This chart applies to the DualBrew and DualBrew Pro models (all about them here), it might slightly change for other models, but the difference won’t be huge so you can use this chart as an estimate.

Brew Sizes for Classic Brew and Rich Brew

Size ClassicRich
Small Cup8 oz7 oz
Cup10 oz8 oz
XL Cup12 oz10 oz
Travel Mug15 oz12 oz
XL Travel 18 oz16 oz
1/4 Carafe28 oz26 oz
1/2 Carafe37 oz33 oz
3/4 Carafe46 oz41 oz
Full Carafe55 oz47 oz

Why Rich Brew Produces Less Coffee than Classic Brew

When you use Rich brew setting, the machine uses less water to brew the coffee in order to produce a stronger cup of coffee. Which is why there’s about two ounce difference between the two brew styles.

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Brew Sizes for Over Ice Setting

SizeOver Ice (Filled with Ice)
Small Cup8 oz
Cup10 oz
XL Cup12 oz 
Travel Mug14 oz
XL Travel 18 oz
1/4 Carafe28 oz
1/2 Carafe35 oz
3/4 Carafe45 oz
Full Carafe55 oz

How Many Scoops of Coffee Do You Need for Each Brew Size?

This is the amount of coffee Ninja recommends for each brew size

Small Cup – Cup – XL Cup2 – 3
Travel – XL Travel Mug3 – 5
1/4 Carafe – 1/2 Carafe6 – 10 
3/4 Carafe – Full Carafe8 – 14 

You can use a tablespoon or the included scoop to measure the coffee.

Specialty Brew Size and Coffee Measurement

Specialty brew style is Ninja’s alternative to espresso. Using this setting, you can only brew 4 oz of coffee concentrate. As for the amount of coffee grounds you need for this one, it’s a whooping 4-scoop or spoon measurement. Yup, that’s a lot of coffee for a 4oz amount, but that’s how you get it to be concentrated.