Ninja Coffee Maker Brewing and Beeping Issues – Easy Ways to Fix Them

How To Fix ninja coffee maker 1

If you are experiencing issues with your ninja coffee maker beeping and not brewing, you may be wondering what could be causing this issue. There are a few potential causes that could be leading to this problem, including clogged or dirty filters, old or worn out parts, or electrical issues.

Top Reasons Ninja Coffee Makers Beep and Don’t Brew

1. Clogged filters or valve.

2. You’ve accidentally closed the ‘Drip Stop’ valve.

3. The machines needs to be cleaned and descaled.

How To Identify These Issues:

If your Ninja Brewer is:

  1. Beeping either 5 times or 3 times in a row then shutting off.
  2. Shutting off mid-cycle,
  3. Not brewing a full cup or carafe

You need to try the fixes I have for you here. They’re quick and easy and shouldn’t take long of your time.

Let’s identify each of the beeping problems you could be facing and follow the quick fixes…

Ninja Coffee Maker Beeps Five Times then Stops Brewing

This is a common issue with an easy fix.

The ‘five beeps of death’ are anything but…. this pattern of beeps comes after you have hit the brew button. The machine will brew for a few seconds then stops.

The Issue

The water reservoir valve is clogged and needs to be drained.

How To Fix It

1- Unplug your machine then remove the water reservoir.

2- You’ll also want to remove the coffee basket and carafe.

3- If you look where the reservoir sits in the machine, you’ll see a valve inside which lets the water into the machine.

4- You’ll want to be at a sink for this step. Turn your machine upside down and using your finger, you’ll want to press on that valve while the machine is upside down.

What will happen is, you’ll see a flood of water coming out. Sometimes you’ll hear trapped air coming out, too (like a sound of a bubble bursting). Hold this position until the water stops coming out, then put everything back into place. Now start your brew cycle and it should run to a complete.

Ninja Coffee Maker Beeps Three Times then Stops Brewing

If your ninja coffee maker is beeping three times and not brewing, this could be an issue with the brew basket or ‘drip stop’.

The Issue

The Brew basket is not pushed in completely or the drip stop valve is closed.

How to Fix It

1- Check and make sure the brew basket is fully pushed in.

2- If the drip stop valve is closed, make sure it’s fully open. Your ninja coffee maker should start brewing normally again once you have done this.

These two issues will also cause automatic brew to cancel if you have not fixed them before your set brew time. If you use the drip stop mid cycle to pour yourself a cup and then forget to open it again, the machine will beep to remind you to open it in order for the machine to continue the brew cycle.

Other Reasons For Your Ninja Coffee Maker To Beep

Along with the potential issues listed above, there could be other causes for your ninja coffee maker to beep and not brew, including an empty water reservoir or cleaning issues. These can be easily identified in the display. you’ll see the letters ‘CLN’ or ‘Add WTR’ where the clock usually is.

If the coffee making is displaying Add Water when your reservoir is already full, this is another problem with an easy fix that you can read about here.

How To Avoid Coffee Maker Issues and Keep It Clean

ninja coffee maker controls

Best way to keep your coffee running without any issues is to clean it often. This can help avoid clogs and other problems that can cause your ninja coffee maker to beep or not brew.

Don’t wait until the Clean light comes on, and most importantly, don’t ignore it when it does come on. Instead, set a regular cleaning schedule to keep your machine running smoothly.

1- Quick Clean Cycle

The easiest way to do this is by doing a a full carafe cycle, once or twice in a row (without adding any cleaning solution). This will get rid of any coffee ground residues inside the pipes or filter basket. You can do this once a week or biweekly.

2- Deep Clean Cycle or Descale

For a more thorough cleaning, you’ll want to use a descaling solution, or for a natural cleaning solution, use white vinegar. This will involve adding the cleaner (or other recommended solution) to the water reservoir, and running the cycle with this added solution. This only needs to be done every few months, 3 to 6 months would be enough.

How To Know You Cleaned Your Ninja Coffee Maker Correctly

Many times, users will try each and every fix, especially cleaning, and will say that none of these fixes worked. But I want you to make sure that you have indeed cleaned your coffee maker correctly by checking these points:

1- Did you run the cleaning cycle once only? I have news for you! Most times, you have to run these cycles several times. Especially if you are descaling after months of use. Run the cleaning cycle until you see the water coming out of your brewer crystal clear.

2- Sometimes, if you have neglected your machine for too long, you have to let the solution ‘sit’ for at least 30 minutes before discarding it. This will let the solution work its magic on any possible issues causing the internal clogging.

How To Reset a Ninja Coffee Maker

If you are still experiencing issues with your ninja coffee maker beeping and not brewing, you may also want to try resetting the machine to see if this helps.

To reset it, you simply unplug the coffee maker for at least 5 minutes. This will clear any temporary errors that could be causing the issue.

You can then try plugging it back in and following the steps outlined in each of the fixes listed above. If this doesn’t work, or you are still experiencing other problems with your ninja coffee maker, you may need to contact customer support for further assistance.