Quick Fix for Ninja Coffee Maker ‘Add Water’ Issue

fix ninja coffee maker add water

Your Ninja coffee maker may stop working, display “add water” and it says so even when it’s full. This happens to many people who have been using their coffee maker for a long time, and calling customer service is no help.

How To Identify this Error

  • If your Ninja brewer display says ‘Add Wtr’ even if the reservoir already has water

Before you give up on your machine and get a new one, try this simple fix.

Why Ninja Coffee Maker Says ADD WATER When It’s Already Full

If your Ninja coffee maker is displaying the message “add water” even though you’ve already added water, this could be caused by several different factors:

First, make sure that there is actually enough water in the reservoir (more than minimum amount) and that it is seated properly in place. If those things check out okay, it may be a sign that the pressure valve has become clogged or damaged and needs to be cleaned or replaced.

How To Fix ADD WATER Error

Clean the Screen Around the Water Reservoir Valve

Valve location
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All you need is to clean the valve. Fortunately, cleaning the pressure valve is a simple process that can usually be done in a minute or two:

1- First, carefully remove the water reservoir from the machine and dump out any remaining water.

2- Then, use a damp cloth to wipe off the inside of the reservoir, paying special attention to the part where the valve is located. If there is any build-up or debris on the valve, you can gently scrape it away with a plastic utensil until it looks clean.

3- If you look at the bottom of the reservoir where the valve is, you’ll notice a small screen around it. This is used to trap any dirt or debris from ending up inside your coffee. After a long time of daily use , this screen becomes clogged and prevents water from flowing through it. Luckily, cleaning the screen is also a simple process that requires only a small brush and some warm water. Simply place the screen under running water and scrub away any debris with the brush until it looks clean again.

Most of the time, this takes care of the problem. But it persists, follow the steps below for the next fix.

Drain The Valve from Any Trapped Water or Air

1- Remove the water reservoir.

2- If you look where the reservoir sits in the machine, you’ll see a valve inside which lets the water into the machine.

3- You’ll want to be at a sink for this step. Turn your machine upside down and using your finger, you’ll want to press on that valve while the machine is upside down.

This will cause all trapped water or air to come out of the machine. You might see water leaking from other parts of the machine, too. It’s okay. Just hold this position until the water stops dripping. Then, dry your machine and start a brew cycle.

Do I Need To Reset the Coffee Maker After These Fixes?

No, a reset isn’t required after these steps. But if these fixes don’t work immediately, you can try unplugging it for five minutes and plugging it back in.