How To Make Coffee Less Bitter? Here Are Some Tips

Coffee is a very subjective thing. It’s a popular drink for sure, but every person enjoys it differently. From sugar, milk, cream or any other additives. Or roasts from light to dark, we like our coffee in many different ways.

If you ask someone who dislikes coffee for a reason why, their answer will most likely be the fact that it is a bitter drink. But is coffee is supposed to be bitter? What contributes to its bitterness? and if you don’t like it, then how can coffee be less bitter?

French Press Style Coffee

What Makes Coffee Bitter and How To Fix It

  • You’re using the wrong roast: when buying coffee ground, you could be buying a dark roast which is known to be on the bitter side. A dark roast is basically coffee beans that are roasted for a longer time. The beans are darker and therefore taste stronger and bitter. If you don’t like this, simply go for a medium or light roast for a more balanced taste.
  • Coffee Ground Is Not Fresh: If coffee has been roasted long before its use, it will most likely taste bitter. Make sure you buy beans that have been freshly roasted and use them within a month of roasting time.
  • You’re brewing the coffee for too long: this is especially true if you’re using a manual brewing method (french press for example). If the coffee ground is steeping for longer than 5 minutes, the taste will start getting and more and more bitter. Make sure to use a timer when steeping, the less you steep your coffee, the lighter it will taste.
  • Coffee Grind Size Is Wrong: Believe it or not, the size of the coffee grind you’re using influences the taste of the coffee brew. Using the wrong grind size, or an inconsistent grind will make the coffee taste either bitter or sour. That’s why investing a good quality grinder is an important thing.
  • Water Issues: There are two water related issues that you could be doing. First, the water could be too hot (yes, that’s a thing – believe me!) The best water temperature for brewing coffee is 195f to 205F, while boiling water temperature is 212F. So, let your water set for 30 seconds or so to cool down a little before use. The second water related issue is that you might be using less water for the amount of coffee you’re brewing, which results in a very strong brew.

Try one or two of the tweaks above to your next coffee brew and we’re sure you’ll enjoy a delicious and less bitter coffee!