Over Ice Button on Keurig: What Does It Do? Which Machines Have It?

If you have a Keurig with an Iced Coffee setting, or if you are contemplating buying a Keurig machine and wondering what that button does, keep reading…

Many people are under the impression that the Iced Coffee button dispenses iced or cold coffee immediately, but that is certainly not the case. Coffee grounds can’t brew in cold coffee, not instantly at least, so there’s no way to do that.

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What Does ‘Iced’ Button on my Keurig Do?

Keurig Iced Coffee Setting

Now, as I said, that button will not magically instantly cool down your coffee. The coffee will still come out hot. Keurig recommends that you fill a tumbler with ice (Or plastic, Glass is not recommended), place it under the spout and select the Iced setting for the coffee to dispense and wait for it to completely chill before you enjoy it.

What’s the point then?

The Iced button is designed to change the parameters used to brew your K-Cup. It will automatically adjust the volume, temperature and strength that will result in a coffee that won’t taste watered down once that ice starts melting. It starts with hot temperature for a full extraction then starts to lower temperature so the coffee isn’t too hot when it hits the ice.

It works with any K-Cup pod you want.

Can You Use Any Keurig Machine for Iced Coffee?

If your Keurig does not have the Iced or Over Ice button, does that mean you can’t make iced coffee? Of course not. You can make your iced coffee with any Keurig you want, using any type of K Cup you like, it doesn’t have to be labeled ‘for iced coffee’ or anything.

There are two things to keep in mind, though, to get the best results:

Brew your pod a size smaller. Remember that soon enough the ice will start to melt, you’ll want a stronger tasting coffee than you normally have, so when it melts with the ice it tastes balanced and not watered down.

If your machine has temperature control, brew on the lowest temperature.

Which Keurig Machines Have Iced Setting?

Keurigs with ICED option

If you’re in the market for a new Keurig and want to have the Iced button, which is quite convenient if you ask me, here are the models that have this feature:

Keurig K-Elite

Keurig K-Supreme, K-Supreme Plus and K-Supreme Plus Smart

Keurig K-Slim + ICED

Do You Need Special K-Cups for Iced Coffee?

Green Mountain Over Ice K Cups

No, you can use whichever K-Cup pod you like to make iced coffee. However, there are some advantages to using K-Cup pods made for brewing cold.

K-Cup pods for Iced coffee are created to hold up nicely when added to ice. Meaning, the coffee blend used will most likely be dark roasted and taste stronger. Some pods will also have artificial flavorings mixed with the coffee ground, if that’s to your taste. You can add milk or cream and have flavored iced coffee without the need for syrups.