Which Keurigs Don’t Have Water Reservoirs?

Whether you want a small Keurig or a large one, there’s a machine for every user and their specific need.

While many people seem to be looking for a brewer with a large water reservoir, there are many who are looking for a Keurig that does not have one! And if you’re one of these users, I’ll be happy to guide you to the best Keurig for what you need.

Keurigs with No Water Reservoir

Keurig K-Mini & K-Mini Plus

Keurig K Mini Plus

These two are Keurig’s first compact brewers, with a slim design that is less than “5 wide. They have a simple design and a single ‘Brew’ button operation. How does it brew your desired cup size (6, 8 or 12 oz) without a size selection? That’s where the single-cup water tank comes in. The machine will simply draw all the water you fill in. The small water tank is clearly marked with each serving size to make it easy for you to fill it up with the brew size you want.

You can click here to read all about the K-Mini and Mini Plus and read the difference between them.

Water Reservoir vs No Reservoir – Which Is The Way To Go?

Let’s start by understanding what a reservoir is, and when should you go for one and when you shouldn’t.

Obviously, all coffee brewers need some sort of a water tank that supplies the water for the coffee. A Reservoir is a type of tank that will hold enough water for multiple brews. While they vary is size, they will, or at least can, hold more water than you are brewing for a single cup.

A no-reservoir machine, is when you fill up with fresh water at every brew. The machine will never hold water for a later use, but will draw all the water you fill into the tank at each brew.

When To Choose a Brewer with a Reservoir

If two or more people are going to use the brewer, having a reservoir is a time saver and for me, personally, is a must have. Adding fresh water for each brew, when you’re making several cups at a time, will turn into an inconvenience soon enough.

When To Pick a Brewer with No Reservoir

These type of machines are best for a single user, or infrequent coffee drinkers. If you’re only making one cup per day, filling up the tank is not that much of an inconvenience. I would advice you to go for a removable tank though, which is easier to fill and clean when you need to.

On the down side, these type of water tanks do not have a water filter, so you’ll want to make sure you use filtered water.