What Is The Best Vacuum (Syphon or Siphon) Coffee Maker For Under $100?

Vacuum coffee maker, also known as a Siphon or Syphon, is a coffee brewing method that uses two pots where water vapor pressure and vacuum come together in a magical way to produce a truly fresh and aromatic pot of coffee.

Why Should You Use a Vacuum Coffee Maker?

This coffee brewing method is not for someone who is looking for a quick and convenient cup of coffee. If that’s what you’re looking for, a single-serve coffee maker would be your brewing method of choice. Vacuum coffee makers are for true coffee nerds; it requires time and precise measurements to get it right. It also involves all your senses in the making of this coffee: the aroma of the coffee, watching the process take place, touching and moving the pot to get things right…. it is a truly pleasant thing to experience for a coffee lover.

Never seen a Vacuum coffee maker in action? Watch this video:

How Do You Use a Vacuum Siphon Coffee Maker At Home?

You’re probably guessing by now, how easy is it to use this brewer at home? It looks complicated, but it’s not.

There are two types of Siphon coffee makers:

  • There’s the stovetop type, which basically sits on your stovetop and does not require any additional tools to use.
  • Then there’s the traditional Siphon, which requires a burner to go under it. You’ll be able to set it up right above your stove burner at home without any problems. Also, the brewers we’re featuring here come with their own burner, so you can use that, too.

Does Siphon Coffee Really Taste Better?

Because of how the brewing works in a siphon coffee maker, aromas arise is a way different in any other coffee brewing methods. This aroma contributes to the overall taste of the coffee. When done right, you should be able to taste a really rich and aromatic cup of coffee. It might take a few tries for you to get it right, but once you do, you’ll understand how it’s all worth the time and effort.

Now let’s get to our main subject. We’ve gone and found you the best vacuum coffee makers that won’t break the bank so you can start experimenting like the true coffee geek you are!

Best Vacuum Coffee Makers Under $100:

Bodum Santos Stovetop Glass Vacuum 34-Ounce Coffee Maker:

Bodum Santos Stovetop Glass Vacuum 34-Ounce Coffee Maker

  • Easy to use, stovetop vacuum coffee maker.
  • Made from heat-resistant glass.
  • Carafe handle always stays cool to touch.
  • Carafe stopper keeps coffee warm.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Includes coffee scoop and resting stand.

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Hario “Technica” 5-Cup Coffee Syphon:

Hario "Technica" 5-Cup Coffee Syphon

  • Imported from Japan.
  • Made from durable heat resistant glass.
  • Includes a burner, can also be placed on top of stove burner.
  • Makes up to 5 cups of coffee.

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Yama Coffee Siphon Vacuum Pot:

Yama Coffee Siphon Vacuum Pot

  • 20 ounce (also available as 15 ounce) capacity.
  • Made of heat resistant glass.
  • Includes a soot free alcohol burner.
  • Can be used with stove burner.