If your budget for a new espresso machine is at $500 and under, you’re in for some really great options. If you’re somewhat used to espresso machines and how they operate, a semi-automatic espresso machine would be a great option for you and you should be able to use it with ease. If you’re a beginner, or looking for convenience without compromising quality, you’ll absolutely love a fully automatic espresso machine, especially that it’s available for under $500! (They usually cost over $1000).

So, let’s have a look at our top picks for espresso machines under $500:

Breville The Infuser Espresso Machine:
Breville The Infuser Espresso Machine

This semi-automatic espresso machine by Breville is quite stunning, and that is not something new when tit comes to Breville appliances. It’s a semi-auto that gives you plenty of room to adjust your coffee drink as you like.


  • 15 bar pressure pump.
  • Pre-infusion function applied low water pressure before extraction to expand the beans and give you an even extraction.
  • Stainless steel water boiler/ thermocoil heating system.
  • Auto purge function automatically adjusts water temperature for the best extraction after using steam.
  • Fully adjustable volume control.
  • Automatic and pre-sets can be re-programmed to your liking.
  • Included accessories: single & dual wall filter baskets, coffee scoop, stainless steel jug, cleaning disc & tablets, cleaning tool, water filter with holder.

Click here to learn more about the Breville Infuser Espresso machine, read the customer reviews and buy it.

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Gaggia 14101 Classic Espresso Machine:

Gaggia 14101 Classic Espresso Machine

A true classic machine made by big Italian brand, Gaggia. Designed with commercial grade but for the home consumer, the Gaggia 14101 espresso machine is the perfect machine for a true at-home barista.


  • 17 bar pressure pump.
  • 73 ounce removable water tank.
  • Brushed stainless steel housing, brass grouphead and portafilter.
  • Portafilter baskets for single/ double shot or e.s.e coffee pods.
  • Swivel steam frothing wand.
  • Accessories included: tamper and measuring scoop.

Click here to learn more about the Gaggia 14101, read the customer reviews and buy it.

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Philips Saeco Vienna Plus Automatic Espresso Machine:

Philips Saeco Vienna Plus Automatic Espresso Machine

This fully automatic espresso machine is one of the few that you can get for under $500, and it actually works wonderfully! With a push of a button, the machine automatically draws as much beans needed for your requested drink, it grinds it on the spot and brew it right away.


  • 15 bar pressure pump espresso machine.
  • superautomatic with built in conincal burr grinder.
  • 12 ounce bean container.
  • fully adjustable coffee grind and strength settings.
  • Stainless steel boiler.
  • Steam wand for milk frothing.
  • 53 ounce removable water tank.

Click here to read more about the Saeco Vienna Plus Superauto espresso machine, read the customer reviews and buy it.

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Breville Infuser vs. Gaggia Classic, What’s The Difference and Which Should You Choose:

We have a full comparison between the Gaggia Classic and the Infuser that you can read by visiting this page: https://coffeegearathome.com/gaggia-classic-vs-gaggia-baby-class-breville-infuser-which-is-a-better-choice-for-you/

  • To give you a quick idea of the difference:
  • The Infuser is a semi-automatic espresso maker, it has automatic functionality as well as manual ones. While the Gaggia Classic is fully manual.
  • Some of the Infuser’s automatic features include Auto-Purge which adjusts the water temperature for you after steam use, this ensures the best espresso extraction. Its pre-infusion function saturates the coffee ground with a little bit of water to ensure the best flavor for espresso.

What About Breville Infuser vs Breville Barista Express?

Breville The Barista Express Coffee Machine

The Breville Barista Express is sort of The Infuser’s bigger brother. We have a review of it and a comparison of it and The Infuser in this post, but here’s a quick recap:

  • The Barista Express is larger in size and has a built-in conical burr grinder to automatically grind your coffee right before brewing.
  • Being larger in size, it naturally comes with a larger water reservoir (67 ounce instead of Infuser’s 61 ounce).


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