What Coffee/Espresso Machines Use Nespresso Capsules?

Apart from the wide range of Nespresso machines available, sometimes other espresso maker brands team up to use the Nespresso’s capsule system in their machines. One of the most notable brand to do that is DeLonghi. In this post, we’ll share a few machines (Other than Nespresso’s) that are compatible with the Nespresso coffee pods. … Read more

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Gaggia Classic vs. Gaggia Baby Class & Breville Infuser – Which Is a Better Choice For You?

Features of Gaggia 14101 Classic: 17 1/2 bar pump pressure espresso machine. 72 oz removable water reservoir. Stainless steel housing. Brass portafilter and group head provide temperature stability. Hot water dispenser, milk frothing wand. Includes single and double shot filter baskets, tamper and measuring spoon. See How The Gaggia Classic Works: Gaggia Classic Comparisons: 1. … Read more

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