Was Nespresso’s Bianco Leggero Discontinued? What’s the Alternative?

Nespresso Bianco Leggero

As a Nespresso Vertuo user who drinks milk based coffee drinks, you’ve probably used and tried the very popular Bianco Leggero pod. This double-espresso pod is part of the Barista Creations collection, formulated especially to be enjoyed with milk. It’s a personal favorite of mine, I constantly used it for my hot and iced coffee drinks, and it turned out perfect every time!

Unfortunately, As of 2022, Bianco Leggero is no longer available! Heartbreaking to all its fans. But not all is lost, because the beloved pod was not entirely removed, but replaced with a new version of it.

What Is Bianco Leggero Pod?

Bianco Leggero is a double-espresso pod that is part of the Barista Creations collection. It is formulated to be enjoyed with milk and has a light, creamy taste. It was on the milder taste, very balanced and not overpowering, making it very smooth to taste.

Why Was Bianco Leggero Pod Discontinued?

The decision to discontinue Bianco Leggero was made because Nespresso wanted to create a new version of the pod that had a more intense flavor.

What Is Bianco Leggero’s Alternative?

Bianco Doppio

Nespresso’s alternative to Bianco Leggero is called ‘Bianco Doppio for Milk’. It has a similar tasting profile to Bianco Leggero, it’s also the same double-espresso 2.7 oz serving size. According to a Reddit user, both taste exactly the same!