Quick Fix For Keurig Rivo Not Puncturing Pods or Heating Milk

How to fix keurig rivo

Keurig Rivo was a espresso machine made in collaboration with Lavazza, a leader brand in the world of Espresso. And yes, Rivo actually made REAL espresso. It is a high 15-bar pressure pump machine and it uses pods that are entirely different than your average K-Cup pod.

Rivo has been discontinued since then, and unfortunately, it is no longer supported by Keurig. So if you’re in need for any repairs, they won’t offer it.

But here are two of the most common issues Keurig Rivo users face:

  • Pods not getting punctured – therefore, no brew coming out.
  • Milk not heating or frothing.

I will try to help you troubleshoot these two issues in hopes they will get fixed and you can start making your favorite drinks again.

How To Fix Rivo Pods Not Getting Punctured

If you hit the brew button after inserting a pod and no coffee comes out. Or if you noticed pods falling into the used pod storage without being punctured, or only slightly punctured, try the fix below.

This is a design issue that happens after a while of the machine being used, unfortunately. It’s likely the lid is no longer aligned correctly that when you close it, the pod is not pushed hard enough to get punctured. Some screws require tightening for the gears of the handle to realign again.

The fix for this is simple

When opening the lid, and before inserting any pod, push the lid back up even further so that it’s at 90-degrees. Don’t worry, it won’t break. Now place the pod and push the lid down as usual. If you want, you can open it back up and check the pod’s seal and whether it has been punctured or not before you brew. You can put the same pod and puncture it again using the same process.

This isn’t the best solution, but it’s a workaround to get your machine working again.

The Technical Fix

This one requires a handy user who is willing to disassemble the machine for a permanent fix. You can follow the instructions in this video to take out the part where the pod gets punctured entirely, tighten the screws and assemble again.

How To Fix Frother Issues

With Rivo machines, when you put the frother in place, you are supposed to hear a single beep indicating that it is installed correctly. If you don’t hear that beep, it means that the machine is not sensing that the frother has been attached and that’s why it’s not working.

The Fix..

This is a weird workaround, but it’s worth a try...

According to this video, you’ll want to ‘wet’ the frother’s sensor, that small attachment that goes into the machine. For some reason, this alerts the machine of the frother being in place. If you hear the beep, then your frother should work.


Rivo is an older and retired machine. Whether you had this for a long time, or if you’ve just gotten one as a second hand machine, the issues above are two of the most common issues you can encounter. If you’re not ready to get rid of the machine just yet, give them a try.