Keurig K-Cafe Frother Keeps Beeping? Try This Easy Fix

If your Keurig K-Cafe frother keeps beeping with the ‘Cold’ button flashing blue, unfortunately, this has been a common problem that many Keurig users have reported.

The beeping seems to come out of nowhere, and could start for no apparent reason, and there’s no way to turn it off. ANNOYING!

Upon researching this problem, I have not found anything regarding the issue in the manual, and customer service were no help. But there is something you can try that has worked for several users…

Why The Frother Is Beeping

There’s a possibility that your frother is actually beeping because the disk inside the frother is not placed correctly. You see, there seems to be a fault in the carafe’s induction design, when you place the frother in, the metal element in the base which goes inside the frother seems to push the disk out for some reason, causing it to move out of its place.

How To Fix This Issue

Pick the frother up, look at the base of the frother and the induction base in the Keurig. Make sure every thing is clean and no milk residue is there.

Put the frother back in its place. Did you notice the frother disk getting pushed out slightly? Push it in so it is seated properly in its place.

If the frothing disk is sitting correctly in its place, and the beeping did not stop, next thing to try is to flip it over and push it back in.

When To Call Keurig Customer Service

If none of the solutions above worked, call customer service. If your machine is still covered by warranty, you’ll most likely receive a replacement machine. If not, Keurig will be able to offer you a discount for a new machine.


This annoying beeping issue is a very common problem with K-Cafe models. It does not make sense and it’s considered to be a faulty part of the machine. If the solution above worked for you, then great! But if your machine is still under warranty, I would advise that you call customer service and request a replacement.