Where To Buy Recyclable K-Cup Pods? Here’s One Brand To Try!

If there’s one downside to Keurig’s K-Cups, it’s the fact that it can turn into a big plastic waste. Unfortunately, most K-Cups are still non-recyclable. But luckily, there are some brands that are working towards providing a great selection of K-Cups that are eco-friendly and recyclable. One of these brands is Intelligent Blends.

Intelligent Blends offers coffee and tea K-cup pods that are packed in Eco-friendly recyclable pods. That’s not the only great part, though. Intelligent Blends’ pods are also factory-direct, which means, you’re getting them for the cheapest price possible.

What Kind of Recyclable K-Cup Pods Can I Buy?

Intelligent Blends offer coffee pods, tea pods, variety packs, samplers and subscriptions.

What Keurig Machines Are These Pods Compatible With?

They’re compatible with Keurig, Keurig 2.0 and any K-Cup brewer from any brand. For Keurig 2.0 compatibility, confirm with the package before buying.

How Much Do Intelligent Blends Recyclable K-Cup Pods Cost?

Like we said, one of the great things about Intelligent Blends is that there is no middle-man, you’re buying factory-direct. The pods are available for as low as 39¢ to 49¢ per pod.

Which Pods To Buy? Here Are Our Recommendations:

If this is your first time trying out Intelligent Blends, here are our recommendations to start with:

Variety Packs:

Dark Roast Variety Pack:

This pack has 3 different blends of the darkest roasts. Roast profiles go from 8 (Darker roast) to 10 (Darkest Roast). If you like your coffee strong, this is going to be your favorite pack. If you prefer a milder taste, there are also variety packs for light and medium roasts.

Click here to learn more about this pack and buy it.

Organic Single-Origin Variety Pack:

This pack has 4 type of single-origin, organic and fair-trade certified coffee. These pods also contain 30% more coffee in each pod. The coffee origins are: Colombian, Guatemala, Sumatran and Ethiopian.

Click here to learn more about this pack and buy it

Flavored Coffee Collection:

For those with a sweet tooth, this variety pack contains 6 different blends of medium roast flavored coffee. The flavors are quite intriguing, and we imagine adding a hint of milk with bring out these flavors even better:

  • French Toast Roast: cinnamon with a taste of maple syrup and butter.
  • Sister Hazelnut: smooth flavor of toasted hazelnut and vanilla.
  • Gone Banana’s Fosters: Subtle notes of banana and vanilla ice cream with buttery brown sugar, cinnamon and dark rum.
  • Raspberry Choco-Latte: taste of raspberry blended with chocolate flavor and powdered sugar.
  • Hottie Biscotti Vanilla Almond: notes of Vanilla Ice cream with toasted almonds.
  • Jamaican Rum Yum: Notes of sweet molasses, caramel coconut and vanilla.

Click here to learn more about this pack and buy it

Organic Tea Pods Variety Pack:

Our tea loving friends, we have not forgotten you! This variety pack includes 4 tea blends:

English Breakfast, Passion Green Envy, Earl Grey, Peppermint Tea.

Click here to learn more about this pack and buy it

Sampler Packs:

If you’re not sure you want to buy in large quantities just yet, buying a sampler pack is the way to go. Sampler packs contain 8 pods of each kind, and you only pay for shipping and handling. This way, you get a taste of the coffee and tea pods before buying large quantities.

Click here to learn more about this pack and buy it

Of course, you can buy each type of blend individually and you can select from other variety packs as well. Visit Intelligent Blend’s website to see all available pods.

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