Baratza Virtuoso vs Preciso

If you’ve been researching coffee grinders by Baratza, you’ve probably came across these two models: The Virtuoso and Preciso, and most likely got quite confused over them. The two grinders look identical in every way, yet they’re two different things, why is that? That’s exactly what we’ll cover in this post.

What Is The Difference Between The Baratza Virtuoso and Preciso?

FeatureBaratza 586 Virtuoso is the newest model introduced in November 2011
burrs upgraded to match the Baratza Preciso
Extremely versatile with 40 grind settings
450 RPM motor rotation
Can be calibrated if necessary
The Preciso is a beautifully designed conical burr coffee grinder that works as hard as you do to create the perfect espresso experience. It doesn't stop there of course; the Preciso has also received high marks from coffee experts as an exceptional grinder for the increasingly popular manual brew methods.
A precision grinder with a micro-adjust system that can be dialed in like a commercial grinder. This, coupled with a coffee throughput that is 1 gram/second faster than other 40mm conical burr grinders, makes the Preciso exceptional for espresso.
Featuring Baratza's popular 40-grind adjustment options, the Preciso adds a second micro-adjustment level that further divides each of the 40 steps into 11 distinct settings. This means you have significantly more control over your espresso grind.
The Preciso features the quality internal parts and external elements you've come to expect from Baratza. It also comes equipped with our innovative PortaHolder, allowing you to grind your espresso hands-free, directly into the portafilter for quick setup and cleanup.
Speed to Grind: 1.5 to 2.4 g/sec.; Bean Hopper Capacity: 8 oz (227g); Grounds Bin Capacity: 5 oz. (142 g); Weight: 8 lbs. (3.6kg); Dimensions WxHxD cm: 12x35x16 cm; Power Rating (North America): 110 V AC 50/60 Hz. 1 Amp; Power Rating (Other): 230 V AC 50/60 Hz. .5 Amps; Safety Listing:UL/CSA/CE/EK; Designed & Engineered: Seattle, WA, USA.
TitleBaratza Virtuoso Coffee Grinder 586Baratza Preciso Coffee Grinder 685
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Both coffee grinders are almost identical in most features:

  • Professional grade conical burr grinder.
  • 40 adjustable grind settings.
  • Ability to grind directly into a portafilter or a bin.
  • Bean hopper capacity: 8 oz
  • Ground coffee bin capacity: 5 oz
  • Plastic and stainless steel exterior.
  • 60-second timer switch.
  • Speed control: ability to control the rotation of the burr to 500 RPM.

The difference lies in two features that Preciso has over the Virtuoso:

  • Macro and Micro Grinder: Beyond the 40 grind settings already available in both grinders (Macro adjustments), the Preciso offers Micro adjustments, which divides each of those 40 grind settings into 11 additional settings, giving you even further control over your grind.
  • The Portaholder: The Preciso allows you to grind into a portafilter hands-free.

Baratza Preciso Coffee Grinder

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Baratza Virtuoso Conical Burr Coffee Grinder

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Which Is Best To Buy? The Baratza Virtuoso or Preciso?

Getting the Preciso over the Virtuoso will only make a difference to someone who is quite precise about their grind (now doesn’t the name Preciso make a lot of sense?). Otherwise, it wouldn’t make a difference which one you get.

Is There a Difference Between The Baratza Encore vs. The Virtuoso and Preciso?

Baratza Encore - Conical Burr Coffee Grinder

Yes, there certainly is. The Encore is more of an entry-level coffee grinder, and is suitable for anyone in the market for a grinder under $200.

  • Its fully plastic exterior makes it less expensive than the other models, and possible less durable.
  • Offers the same 40 grind settings, same bean hopper capacity (8 oz) and ground bin (5 oz).
  • It does NOT have a timer.
  • It does NOT have a portafilter holder.
  • Suitable for all coffee brewing methods.

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