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Nespresso Inissia

In a previous post about Nespresso, we mentioned the Inissia as one of the most affordable Nespresso machines out here. It might make you wonder, why is it less expensive? Will you be giving up many features in return of the lower price? In this post, we’ll talk about the difference between the Inissia and other Nespresso machines to find out.

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What Is The Difference Between Inissia and Pixie, U and CitiZ?

Best Nespresso Machines


  • When it comes to how the machines work, they all pretty much work the same way (with slight differences in between). You insert a Nespresso capsule, hit a button and your coffee starts brewing immediately. They all use the same capsules, too, so you’re getting the same quality of drink.
  • The Inissia is the most basic Nespresso machine. It has two programmable buttons for Espresso and Lungo and that’s it. It doesn’t have an on/off button, so you have to manually “wake it up”, if you will. Other machines have an on/off buttons and could have an extra button for Ristretto, like the U for example.
  • The Inissia does not have any memorization features like the U, which memorizes your favorite settings and brews your coffee automatically.


  • The Inissia has a colored plastic exterior (available in 3 colors). Other Nespresso machines use a mixture of metal and plastic.
  • The Inissia and Pixie are most similar in design, but the Pixie is equipped with sleek metal panels on the side, blue LED backlights which is an indicator of a full drawer capsule. Pixie is also the only Nespresso machine that is made in Switzerland. (Some newer Pixie machines may not be made in Switzerland, please check before buying)

Should I Buy a Nespresso Inissia, Pixie, CitiZ or U?

Inissia or Pixie: if the quality built of the machine matters to you, the Pixie should certainly be your choice. But any difference beyond that is almost unnoticeable.

Inissia or U: The U has great memorization feature that other Nespresso machines don’t have. It memorizes the settings you’ve used the past few times and then automatically brews your next shot the same way (but of course, you can always change it). It also has a very adaptable design, with a 180-degree swivel water tank that can solve some counter-space issues. The Inissia is bit smaller in size, but lacks other features of the U.

Inissia or CitiZ: If water tank capacity is something high on your list, the CitiZ has the largest water tank on a Nespresso machine (34 oz). The Inissia has a 24 oz water tank. The CitiZ is also available with a built-in Aerroccino milk frother, unlike the other Nespresso machines.

What Is The Difference Between The Inissia and Essenza Nespresso Machines?

Nespresso Essenza C91 Manual Espresso Maker

You might have noticed the the Nespresso Essenza is priced around the same price as the Inissia, but is there a difference between them? Yes, there is…

  • Both are a starter affordable Nespresso machine.
  • The Essenza is an older model than the Inissia which is newer in design.
  • The Essenza does NOT have automatic volume control so you manually brew the coffee and stop it when you like.  It does have an on/off button
  • The Inissia has automatic volume control, it automatically adjusts and brews the coffee. It lacks the on/off button.

We highly recommend the Inissia over the Essenza since it’s newer.




So you’ve finally decided on buying a Nespresso U machine. Then you realize and get confused by the many names of Nespresso U: C50, D50, D55 and you go to decision mode all over again!

In this post, we’ll help you crack the code of those names to tell the difference between these models. Don’t worry, they’re not confusing at all. But before we do that, let’s go over the features of Nespresso U…

Features of the Nespresso U Espresso Machine:

  • A fully automatic single serve espresso machine – compatible with Nespresso capsules only.
  • Automatic piercing, brewing and ejection of coffee capsules.
  • Automatic memorization of your favorite coffee adjustment.
  • Choose from 3 cup sizes: Ristretto, Espresso and Lungo. All reprogrammable to your choice of volume.
  • 19 bar pressure pump.
  • 27 ounce water tank capacity. Rotates 180-degrees.
  • Removable magnetic drip tray, accommodates different cup sizes.
  • Light indicators for empty water tank and full capsule dispenser.
  • Auto power off after 9 minutes of inactivity.

So, What Is The Difference Between The Nespresso U C50, D50 and D55:

Ok, let’s start with the C50 and D50:

Nespresso U C50

Nespresso U D50

– Features wise: there’s absolutely NO difference whatsoever. They’re all identical. – Design wise: The name difference simply refers to small design differences. Looking at the pictures above, there’s to differences:

  • The Nespresso C50 has a different coffee spout shape than the D50. This does NOT affect the coffee at all.
  • The available colors for C50 is Cream and Grey, the available color for D50 is Black and Orange.

These are the only difference between the Nespresso U C50 and D50, making your choice as simple choosing your favorite color.

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Click here to learn more about the Nespresso U D50, read customer reviews and buy it.

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See all available machines and bundles:

Now let’s get to the Nespresso U D55, also known as Nespresso UMilk:

Nespresso UMilk D55

With the Nespresso UMilk (D55), you get everything in a normal Nespresso U PLUS an integrated milk frother. With the C50 and D50, you have the option to buy the Nespresso milk frother separately or with a bundle (you can also choose other electric milk frothers – here are some choices). But with an integrated milk frother, you’re saving on outlet use (it powers with the machine) and it simply looks better!

Click here to learn more about the Nespresso U Milk, read customer reviews and buy it.


What to learn more about Nespresso Machines: read our comparison between the Nespresso U, Pixie and CitiZ

Nespresso VertuoLine

Speaking of best espresso and coffee makers, we forgot to include a newcomer yet a top performing machine that does both Espresso and coffee quite well. The new machine from Nespresso, known as Vertuo or Verutoline, is the ONLY Nespresso machine that is able to make both espresso in the traditional sense as well as a full cup of coffee.

The Nespresso VerutoLine works in a completely different way than other Nespresso machines:

  • It uses completely re-designed coffee capsules: available as espresso or coffee capsules.
  • It does NOT use water pressure to brew coffee like other espresso machine.
  • Instead, it uses a new Nespresso technology known as Centrifusion that spins the capsule 7,000 spins per minute while infusing it with water.
  • The VertuoLine automatically recognizes the type of capsule you inserted and adjusts itself accordingly.

Other technical features of the Nespresso Vertuoline include:

  • 40 oz water tank.
  • 15 sec to 20 sec pre-heat time.
  • 10.8 lbs weight.
  • dimensions: 8.32” x 11.91” x 11.93”
  • 14 capsule container capacity.

The Nespresso Vertuoline is a truly new and innovative machine by a company that’s ever-evolving.

You can learn more about the Vertuoline, read the customer reviews and buy it here.

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How Nespresso VertuoLine Works:

Nespresso Vertuoline or Evoluo? Which One To Choose?

Nespresso A+GCC1-US-GR-NE VertuoLine Evoluo Coffee & Espresso Maker with Aeroccino Plus Milk Frother

Nespresso has released another espresso and coffee maker known as the Evoluo. How is it different than the VertuoLine? You can click here to read our full comparison about the two models.

Nespresso VertuoLine vs. Original Line, How Are They Different?

Nespresso UMilk

There are three main differences between the Nespresso VertuoLine and Original Line, which includes (CitiZ, Pixie, U and Inissia, Lattissima):

  • VertuoLine is the first Nespresso machine that brews BOTH espresso, lugno and coffee. Original Line brews espresso and lungo only.
  • VertuoLine uses a new brewing technology by  Nespresso called Centrifusion, which works on rapidly spinning the capsule while forcing water through it. the Original Line uses a 19 bar pressure pump to brew espresso, just like other espresso machines.
  • VertuoLine uses an entirely new range of capsules than the Original Line capsules. The VertuoLine capsules are available as espresso and coffee capsules.

Nespresso VertuoLine Compared To Popular Single-Serve Espresso Machines:

1. VertuoLine vs. Nespresso Lattissima Plus:

DeLonghi Lattissima Plus Nespresso Capsule System
  • The Nespresso Lattissima Plus is one of the Nespresso Original Line machines, so it uses Original Line capsules.
  • The Nespresso Lattissima features an integrated milk container for automatic milk frothing. It also features pre-set buttons for making espresso, cappuccino or latte.
  • The VertuoLine, on the other hand, froths milk using the bundled Aeroccino automatic milk frother.
  • Since the VertuoLine has two kinds of capsules for either coffee or espresso, it automatically reads the barcode on the capsule, and adjusts settings to brew the perfect drink for you. However, you’ll have to pour in the milk froth manually.

Click here to learn more about the Lattissima Plus, read the customer reviews and buy it.

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2. Nespresso VertuoLine vs. Keurig Rivo:

Keurig Rivo 500 Cappuccino & Latte System

Coffee Preparation:

  • Rivo by Keurig is a single-serve espresso maker that automatically brews espresso, lungo, cappuccino and more. However, it does NOT make coffee.
  • Rivo has an integrated automatic milk frother which prepares froth for cappuccino, latte or iced drinks (froths without heating).
  • The VertuoLine makes both espresso and coffee.
  • Both coffee makers allow you to adjust the volume and strength of your brewed drink.


  • Rivo uses its own capsules exclusively, made by Lavazza.
  • VertuoLine uses Nespresso VertuoLine Capsules only.

Click here to learn more about Rivo, read the customer reviews and buy it.

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Are you torn between a coffee maker and an espresso maker? Want to enjoy both drinks but can’t afford two machines? Well, you most certainly DO NOT need to buy two separate machines to get the best of the two coffee worlds, one machine will do, and we’ll tell you exactly which machines are the best.

What Is The Difference Between An Espresso Machine and a Coffee Machine?

coffee vs espresso machine

You might think that because both are a type of coffee brew then both are the same, but truth is, there’s quite a difference:

  • Espresso and coffee both are coffee drinks.
  • The name Espresso basically refers to the brewing method name.
  • Brewing time of each type of coffee is different, which affects how it tastes.
  • Drip coffee is made from hot water mixed with a coarse grind coffee then dripping that mix into a pot while filtering the coffee ground.
  • Espresso is made by forcing a small amount of hot water through a packed amount of finely ground coffee. Result is a much thicker and smaller amount of coffee that can be drank on it’s own or mixed with milk for gourmet coffee drinks (Cappuccino, Latte… etc.)

So naturally, both coffee and espresso machines are different in how they operate. And not long ago, your options at a machine that does both espresso and coffee were limited because of how differently they work, but not anymore! I’ve gathered a list of machines that offers you the best of both worlds of coffee and espresso.

Best Espresso and Coffee Makers:

There’s a type of machine known as an “espresso and coffee maker combo” which has both an espresso maker on one side and a drip coffee maker on the other. Through my research I’ve found that these machines have received lower reviews continuously, not to mention they’re not cost-friendly ($200 to $300), so I’m not going to recommend those here.

Your second best option at a machine that does it all without any trouble and at HALF the cost (less than $200!) of a combo machine would be a single-serve machine. Now, not all single-serve machines can make both espresso and coffee, so here’s my picks in this special category:

CBTL Kaldi S04 Single Cup Brewer:

CBTL Kaldi S04 Single Cup Brewer

I am listing this little machine by Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf first as it’s the machine I’ve been using at home for over a year now and I’ve been truly happy with it.

  • It makes coffee, espresso, tea and hot chocolate.
  • 15 bar pump pressure for espresso. 3.5 pump pressure for coffee and tea.
  • Italian design.
  • Accommodates different cup sizes, but not travel mugs.
  • Available in many colors.
  • Can be bundled with CBTL electric milk frother to make delicious coffee drinks easily.

Coffee Capsules availability and variety:

  • Coffee and espresso capsules are available in a wide range of blends and strength, including decaf. Tea capsules are available in less variety. Hot chocolate capsules are available too.
  • Capsules are available online at, CBTL’s website or retail stores. It’s also available at other sites and stores like: Bed Bath and Beyond or Ebay.
  • The machine is compatible with any capsules labelled CAFFITALY. Although it’s hard to find brands other than CBTL locally in the US, you can still find them online.

Click here to learn more about this machine, read the customer reviews and buy it.

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A Keurig K-Cups Machine:

Keurig K75 Platinum Brewing System

I’m being a little general here because any single-serve machine that works with K-Cups can make coffee and espresso. I’ve already listed many machines on the site, so please visit the following links to see the difference and compare machines:



IperEsprseso is a single-serve espresso brewing method that comes from one of the biggest names in the Italian coffee world, illy. It works the same way Nespresso, Keurig or other single serve machines work,  but there are exclusive machines that brew the iperEspresso capsules. In this post, we will look at the best espresso machines that work with illy’s iperespresso capsules.

Best iperEspresso Coffee/Espresso Machines:

Gaggia for Illy Espresso Machine:

Gaggia for Illy Espresso Machine

This machine is where two of the best names in Italian coffee manufacturing pair up to come up with a perfect little espresso machine for home. Gaggia Plus for illy is a compact espresso machine that works exclusively with iperEspresso capsules.


  • 15 bar pump pressure.
  • Stainless steel boiler.
  • Dedicated buttons for coffee volume (espresso, lungo) both reprogrammable to adjust volume to your taste.
  • Steam wand for milk frothing. Also doubles as a hot water dispenser.
  • Water filter: Uses a four-stage process to filter tap water, if that’s what you choose to use. (although bottled water is always recommended).
  • Used capsule container holds up to 12 used capsules before the need to discard.

Click here to learn more about the Gaggia Plus for illy, read the customer reviews and buy it.

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Francis Francis for illy X7.1 iperEspresso Machine:

Francis Francis for illy X7.1 iperEspresso Machine

This beauty by Francis Francis made especially for illy is something to brag about! As you can see, it has a classic espresso machine look, complete with a portafilter which no other single-serve machine has. The portafilter only holds iperespresso capsules, but gives you the feel of preparing espresso the classic way.


  • 15 bar pump pressure.
  • Simple to use control panel.
  • Ability to adjust machine temperature.
  • Ability to adjust coffee volume with auto stop feature.
  • Steam wand for milk frothing.
  • Automatic decalcification program for easy machine maintenance.
  • Energy saving program.
  • Available in red or black

Click here to learn more about the Francis Francis X7.1, read the customer reviews and buy it.

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Francis Illy Y3 Iperespresso coffee machine:

Francis Illy Y3 Iperespresso coffee machine

This is the newest addition to the Francis Francis espresso machines for illy. It’s a compact machine that is perfect for home or office, it requires less space than most iperespresso machines.


  • 19 bar pump pressure.
  • Touch screen controls.
  • Two espresso volumes, espresso or lungo. Volumes can be adjusted to taste.
  • 1 liter water tank.
  • Used capsule container holds up to 8 used capsules.
  • Energy saving mode shuts machine off automatically after 15 minutes of inactivity.
  • Adjustable drip tray accommodates different cup sizes.

Click here to learn more about the Francis Francis Y3, read the customer reviews and buy it.

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Which Of These iperEspresso Machines Is Best To Buy?

there are a few things to consider when deciding which of these machines you should buy…

  • The Gaggia for illy seems to be the most complete choice of all. It can prepare espresso and cappuccinos/lattes, the used capsule container holds the most and it having the milk frother double as a water dispenser is a plus.
  • The Francis Francis X7.1 is definitely the best looking machine. However, it lacks a used capsule container so you’re required to discard the capsule right away. Not a huge issue, if you ask us! This little con it makes up for with other cool features.
  • The Francis Francis Y3 is a great option for someone who enjoys espresso and lungo. Its space-saving design is a plus for someone who lacks counter space. But, if you want to make other coffee drinks with it, you’ll have to pair it with an electric milk frother, which is an added cost that you have to keep in mind.

Illy iperEspresso vs. Nespresso, Which Should I Choose?

There’s only one thing you need to know in order to make this decision: Which coffee capsules variety would you like the best?

  • Illy has less coffee variety, but illy fans worldwide swear by it. If you’re already familiar with the taste of illy’s coffee, then you know what to expect.
  • Nespresso does offer more coffee variety. There are also a few options for refillable pods and compatible pods from other brands. Both are NOT available for illy’s system.

You can learn more about Nespresso machines here.

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