OXO On Barista Brain vs. Bonavita BV1800: What’s The Difference?

If there’s one thing to know for sure about the OXO On Barista Brain coffee maker and the Bonavita, it’s the fact that both coffee makers are SCAA-certified. So whichever of these coffee makers you choose, you know you’ll be getting perfect coffee. The OXO On and Bonavita are also similar in the way that they replicate the process of Pour-Over coffee, but in a fully automated way.

So is there any real difference between these two coffee makers? What would make you choose one over the other? That’s what we’ll try to find out in this post.

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Features of OXO On Barista Brain 9-Cup Coffee Maker:

OXO On 9 Cup Coffee Maker

  • Microprocessor controlled brew cycle.
  • The machine replicates pour-over method.
  • Produces from 2 to 9 cups of coffee.
  • Showerhead dispenses water evenly over grounds for an even and full extraction.
  • Water is help at the perfect temperature for coffee brewing at 197.6 to 204.8 F.
  • Internal mixing tube ensures the coffee is blended thoroughly as it is brewed into the carafe.
  • LED interface with backlit screen displays status and freshness indicator.
  • Dial control allows you to program the number of cups to brew and set the 24hrs timer.
  • Includes a thermal carafe.
  • Takes about 8 minutes to brew a full pot.
  • OXO On is also available as a 12-cup coffee maker.

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Features of the Bonavita BV1800:

Bonavita BV1800

  • 8-cup coffee maker.
  • Replicates pour-over brewing method.
  • Showerhead for evenly saturation coffee ground and even extraction.
  • Heater brings water to ideal brewing temperature, 200 to 205F.
  • Available in two versions: with a glass or thermal carafe.
  • Takes about 5 to 6 minutes to brew a full pot.

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What Is The Difference Between The OXO On Barista Brain and the Bonavita?

Brewing Process:

  • Both coffee makers uses the same brewing methods, replicating pour-over. They use a showerhead to spray the coffee ground with water, ensuring the coffee ground is fully saturated with water and extracted evenly.
  • When it comes with water temperature, The Bonavita seems to keep the water temperature hotter, between 200 and 205F. While the OXO On keeps the water temperature between 197 and 204.8 F.


  • The OXO On Coffee Maker is available as an 8-cup capacity and 12-cups.
  • The Bonavita is available as an 8-cup or a 5-cup capacity.


  • The OXO On Barista Brain has a backlit LED display that allows you to choose the number of cups to brew (2 cups to 9 cups). You can also use it to set the 24hrs timer to set the auto on.
  • The Bonavita doesn’t have any controls on it other than the brew button. This means, it doesn’t have cup number selector or a timer. With the Bonavita you’ll have to brew a full pot every time.

Brewing Time:

  • The Bonavita is only slightly faster in brewing, taking 5 to 6 minutes to brew a full pot. But it does brew smaller capacity, so it’s understandable that the OXO takes up to 8 minutes to brew a full pot.

Is There a Difference Between the OXO On Barista Brain 9-cup and 12-cup?

OXO On 12 Cup Coffee Maker & Brewing System

Yes, there’s a difference between the two when it comes to design. The OXO On 12-cup coffee maker has a water reservoir that can also double as a kettle. If you’re not brewing coffee, it can keep hot water at a temperature up to 212F, the water reservoir, which looks like a kettle, can be removed so you can pour hot water for tea for example.

Another difference is the style of filter, the OXO On 12-cup uses a flat bottom filter, while the 9-cup coffee maker uses a cone filter.

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