Ninja DualBrew Troubleshooting: Pod Adapter Not Working? Here’s Why

If you’re like most people, you rely on your morning cup of coffee to start your day off right. But what do you do when your coffee maker stops working? Especially if it’s a Ninja dualbrew coffee maker and the pod part isn’t brewing?

Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. In this article, I will show you how to fix the Ninja dualbrew or dualbrew pro coffee maker if it isn’t brewing pods properly. Whether it is partially brewing or not brewing at all, I will also tell you how to troubleshoot common problems with this machine.

The K-Cup Pod Not Brewing At All Or Partially Brewing

If you insert a pod, hit the brew button but no liquid is coming out, or a little comes out then stops, then your machine’s needles could be clogged.

How to Fix Clogged Needles in a Ninja DualBrew

ninja dualbrew pod adapter

The nice thing about this brewer is that is uses a removable adapter to brew k-cup pods, which means, you can easily remove this adapter and clean it thoroughly.

  • To clean the needles, remove the pod adapter and use a paper clip to rotate in each of the three holes. Rinse thoroughly with water.
  • There is also a needle on the bottom of the adapter. You’ll want to clean it using the paper clip and rinse it out, too.
  • On the side of the adapter, there’s a hole where the water runs through to the needles. You’ll want to rinse that one too.
  • When you are done manually cleaning the adapter, run a fresh water cycle by brewing an empty k-cup ( no k-cup inside, just select the pod setting) on 6 ounces classic brew setting.

How Often Should You Do This

Doing this weekly or biweekly ensures that your adapter stays clean and clog-free.

Why This Happens

There are a few reasons why your Ninja Dualbrew coffee maker gets clogged. It’s a normal thing for all coffee makers to get clogged at some point. But this happens especially if you leave your used K-Cup pods inside the machine for a long time.

By regularly cleaning the adapter and discarding the pods as soon as you are done, you’ll rarely face this issue again.

The Display/Buttons On Ninja DualBrew Not Working

Ninja coffee Maker adapter

If your machine is powered on, but the display isn’t turning on or won’t let you select anything so you can’t get a brew started. This is a because your adapter is not placed in correctly.

When you place your pod adapter (or even the carafe adapter), you have to put it in then slide it forward to lock it in place. As soon as you do that, you’ll see the display activate and you’ll be able to select your brew.


The Ninja Dualbrew coffee maker is a great machine, but like all machines, it needs to be cleaned on a regular basis. Parts that need a regular clean up are needles, pod adapter, and water reservoir (See here possible for water reservoir issue), you could run into beeping issues, too, which you can learn about here. If you keep up with a regular clean up, you won’t face any issues with your coffee maker and it should run as new for a long time.