Bonavita Metropolitan BV1901PW: What’s New and How Is It Different?

Bonavita has a line of many coffee brewers that are SCA Certified, which are tested and approved by the Specialty Coffee Association. This makes Bonavita a brand to be trusted to make a quality cup of coffee, without a question.

One of Bonavita’s releases is the Bonavita Metropolitan Coffee Brewer (BV1901PW). In this post, we will be looking at the features of this model and how it compares to other Bonavita models.

Features of Bonavita Metropolitan BV1901PW:

Bonavita Metropolitan BV1901PW Coffee Brewer

  • 1500Watts water heater heats and maintains the water at an ideal brewing temperature of 198 F to 205 F.
  • Pre-infusion mode lightly wets the coffee ground before brewing to bloom it. This is optional and can be turned off.
  • Shower head design ensures all coffee ground is fully saturated with water when brewing.
  • Flat bottom filter basket.
  • Tempered glass carafe.
  • Non-stick coated warming plate turns off automatically after 40 minutes.
  • Sleek Matte black design.
  • Audible alert goes off when coffee is ready.
  • 8-cup capacity.

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Is Bonavita Metropolitan Different Than Other Bonavita Brewers?

We’ve compared Bonavita models before, like the BV1900TS vs BV1800. So is the newer BV1901PW any different?

Well, internally, Bonavita brewers are the same and work the same way. Some of the differences come as slight different design, capacity or material of the carafe. For the Bonavita Metropolitan, it is different in design:

  • It has a matte black exterior which gives it a very modern look.
  • The glass carafe has a new design, too. It is more artisan-looking, and different than the traditional glass carafe design.
  • The carafe no longer attaches to the filter basket like other models, it simply sits under it.

Bonavita BV1901PW vs BV1901GW, What’s The Difference?

Bonavita BV1901GW Glass Carafe Brewer

These two, again, are essentially the same in how they brew the coffee. They are also the same capacity and have almost the same glass carafe.

Here’s how they’re different:

The Color:

  • The Metropolitan (BV1901PW) has a matte black finish.
  • The BV1901GW has a mostly stainless steel finish.

The Carafe:

  • Both models have the same glass carafe with its modern design. However, on the BV1901GW, the carafe attaches to the filter basket. So in order to get the carafe, you’ll have to pull out the filter and the carafe together.

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What About Bonavita BV1902DW vs. BV1901PW and BV1901GW?

Bonavita BV1902DW Coffee Brewer

This model is more similar to the BV1901GW than the BV1901PW. In fact, it is the same in all features except for you:

The BV1902DW is programmable. Which means it has a digital timer that allows for auto start, and it displays the time.

Which One Do You Buy?

  • Whichever model of Bonavita’s brewers you choose, know that you’ll be getting the same quality of coffee since they all work the same.
  • The Metropolitan BV1901PW is great for its sleek aesthetics. The matte finish is very in and looks quite modern and cool. And it makes sense to pick an appliance for its good looks since it will be sitting on display on your counter.
  • Between the BV1901GW and BV1902DW, the difference is the timer. If it’s important to you that your brewer has auto start, then go for the BV1902DW. If not, save on the price difference and go for the timer-free BV1901PW.