Best Of Both Worlds: Top Rated Espresso and Coffee Makers

Are you torn between a coffee maker and an espresso maker? Want to enjoy both drinks but can’t afford two machines? Well, you most certainly DO NOT need to buy two separate machines to get the best of the two coffee worlds, one machine will do, and we’ll tell you exactly which machines are the best.

What Is The Difference Between An Espresso Machine and a Coffee Machine?

coffee vs espresso machine

You might think that because both are a type of coffee brew then both are the same, but truth is, there’s quite a difference:

  • Espresso and coffee both are coffee drinks.
  • The name Espresso basically refers to the brewing method name.
  • Brewing time of each type of coffee is different, which affects how it tastes.
  • Drip coffee is made from hot water mixed with a coarse grind coffee then dripping that mix into a pot while filtering the coffee ground.
  • Espresso is made by forcing a small amount of hot water through a packed amount of finely ground coffee. Result is a much thicker and smaller amount of coffee that can be drank on it’s own or mixed with milk for gourmet coffee drinks (Cappuccino, Latte… etc.)

So naturally, both coffee and espresso machines are different in how they operate. And not long ago, your options at a machine that does both espresso and coffee were limited because of how differently they work, but not anymore! I’ve gathered a list of machines that offers you the best of both worlds of coffee and espresso.

Best Espresso and Coffee Makers:

There’s a type of machine known as an “espresso and coffee maker combo” which has both an espresso maker on one side and a drip coffee maker on the other. Through my research I’ve found that these machines have received lower reviews continuously, not to mention they’re not cost-friendly ($200 to $300), so I’m not going to recommend those here.

Your second best option at a machine that does it all without any trouble and at HALF the cost (less than $200!) of a combo machine would be a single-serve machine. Now, not all single-serve machines can make both espresso and coffee, so here’s my picks in this special category:

CBTL Kaldi S04 Single Cup Brewer:

CBTL Kaldi S04 Single Cup Brewer

I am listing this little machine by Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf first as it’s the machine I’ve been using at home for over a year now and I’ve been truly happy with it.

  • It makes coffee, espresso, tea and hot chocolate.
  • 15 bar pump pressure for espresso. 3.5 pump pressure for coffee and tea.
  • Italian design.
  • Accommodates different cup sizes, but not travel mugs.
  • Available in many colors.
  • Can be bundled with CBTL electric milk frother to make delicious coffee drinks easily.

Coffee Capsules availability and variety:

  • Coffee and espresso capsules are available in a wide range of blends and strength, including decaf. Tea capsules are available in less variety. Hot chocolate capsules are available too.
  • Capsules are available online at, CBTL’s website or retail stores. It’s also available at other sites and stores like: Bed Bath and Beyond or Ebay.
  • The machine is compatible with any capsules labelled CAFFITALY. Although it’s hard to find brands other than CBTL locally in the US, you can still find them online.

Click here to learn more about this machine, read the customer reviews and buy it.

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A Keurig K-Cups Machine:

Keurig K75 Platinum Brewing System

I’m being a little general here because any single-serve machine that works with K-Cups can make coffee and espresso. I’ve already listed many machines on the site, so please visit the following links to see the difference and compare machines:

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