3 Simple Fixes for Keurig K-Supreme Not Brewing a Full Cup

How To Fix Keurig K-Supreme Not Brewing a Full Cup

The most common reason a Keurig brewer won’t brew a full cup is usually caused by a clogged exist needle (located inside the pod holder) or entrance needle (located in the top of the lid). If your Keurig K-Supreme specifically is not brewing a full cup of coffee, there could be a few possible causes, a clogged needle is just one of them.

First Fix – Purge the Machine

Purging the machine simply means running water through the internal pipes to let anything that could be causing a clog out. Recommended by Keurig, try this simple fix…

1- Power off the brewer and place a container or a large mug under the spout. Make sure there’s no K-Cup inside.

2- Press and holder the brew button (K button) and 12oz button together for 5 seconds. You’ll see water starting to dispense.

3- Release the buttons and let the water dispense until it stops. When it’s finished, press the power button to restart the machine.

This purging fix should get rid of anything that could be clogging the internal parts, the needle or the spout.

Clean Keurig Clogged Needles

Second Fix – Clean the Exit Needle

If the first fix didn’t help, you may need to clean your exit needle manually. This can be done by removing the K-Cup holder to do a thorough cleaning.

1- Unplug your brewer and open the top lid (the handle)

2- Remove the K-Cup holder. Locate the exit needle, which is placed inside the bottom of the k-cup holder. Use a straightened paper clip to poke it and loosen any coffee grounds clogging it.

3- Wash the pod holder thoroughly by running water through all parts of it.

Now, it’s time to wash the entrance needles, too.

Third Fix – Clean the Entrance Needle

If you’ve tried purging the machine and cleaning the exit needle, but are still having trouble with your Keurig K-Supreme not brewing a full cup of coffee, you may need to clean your entrance needle. This is typically done by opening the lid on your keurig brewer. This is the needle used to puncture the pods, and it’s not removable.

1- Unplug your keurig.

2- Open the lid, using a cotton swab dampened slightly with warm water, gently rub away any coffee grounds stuck on the entrance needle.

3- Use a straightened paper clip to lodge any coffee grounds that could be stuck inside the needles.

Since K-Supreme is a MultiStream brewer, you’ll find fives holes and not just one. Make sure to clean them all. When finished, you’ll want to run a cleansing brew two times to rinse out the needles.

How To Do a Cleansing Brew On Your K-Supreme

1- Power off your keurig and fill the water reservoir.

2- Place a container or large mug under the keurig spout.

3- Do NOT insert a K-Cup pod – make sure no pods is in the machine.

4- Press and hold both the brew button and 8oz button together for five seconds to start the cleansing brew cycle.

5- When finished, press the power button to restart the machine. Repeat this process one more time to ensure that all traces of coffee grounds have been removed from the needles.

If none of the fixes above worked , it may be time to reach out to Keurig for help. But before you do, try doing a full descale of your machine (here’s how you can correctly descale K-Supreme). If you’ve descaled your machine at least two times and the problem persists, you can get in touch with Keurig for help. If your machine is still under warranty, they could offer you a replacement for a new one if they decide you have a faulty machine.